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Web Project Managers, Web Developers, Webmasters (Company Level) Email List

11,000 Records - 2019 Email Lists

Gathering email addresses is hard work! This is especially true if you need to contact a great number of professionals to market your product or service. You could spend weeks just trying to track down and record those addresses. Email marketing is certainly one of the most successful ways to reach people, but email addresses change so often that you could find yourself on a never ending project just trying to keep a decent email list. All of those problems are over now that you have discovered Special Databases. We offer a full and fully updated list of web project managers, web developers, and webmasters (company level) email addresses.

Our database is unique in many ways. It is completely updated and we do this by constantly scouring our databases. This way, we can correct any outdated email addresses, add any new ones that we find, and make sure everything we include is accurate. In addition, our database is designed to offer you specific lists. You do not have to pay for contact information that you don't need. Instead, you will be able to specialize your list to just web project managers, web developers, and webmasters (company level) or to any select professionals that you need to market to.

Data Structure (Fields)



Last Update

2019 Q1

Target Country

United States

Total Records

11,000 (Each record has "unique" email address!)


399 USD (One-time fee for entire database!)

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We do not believe in offering anything subpar. That is why we constantly spend time updating and fact checking our email database and the email marketing lists that we offer. If you have spent time searching for and creating your own email list, then you know how long it can take and how frustrating it can be. By choosing our web project managers, web developers, and webmasters (company level) email list, you will have instant access to thousands of emails. Your marketing plan can be so much more successful and you can save so much time as well as money. Please check out our lists today. You will be glad that you did.