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UK Doctor Fax Number List

6,980 Records - 2019 Doctor Fax Database

Special Databases can help you avoid projects that could consume days of your valuable time. Our physicians lists are constantly updated and accurate and that means that you can rely on the healthcare provider contact information in these lists to be timely and more than worth the cost. Our lists are very affordable, which is just one of the ways that we make our product even more useful to our clients.


The fax lists we have available for UK doctors are current as of 2019. We make sure that what we include on our lists is the right contact information for every doctor listed. We verify these ourselves, allowing our customers to take advantage of what we believe are the best lists on the market. Our lists are designed to pay for themselves fast. Take a look at what we have to offer and be aware that what you're buying is always up to date in every regard.


Target Country


File Types

CSV and Excel

Total Records

6,980 (All records have unique fax numbers!!!)


399 USD

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Special Databases not only provides lists that are affordable. Our fax lists are checked for accuracy and they are all up to date for 2019. We check our contact information daily and make sure that we have the right fax numbers for our clients. We want to be sure that the lists you get from us are comprehensive enough to be used as professional marketing tools and that you can rely on the information we send as being accurate.