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UK / EU Dentists Fax Number List

4,500 Records - 2019 Fax List

Fax machines are still in very widespread use, particularly among businesses. Special Databases has current dentist fax lists for 2019, which have been verified and are ready to go. Our tools are budget friendly and make it easy for you to reach dentists all over UK / EU with validated, reliable contact information.


Special Databases monitors the numbers on our lists to make sure that they're all current. We make sure that, when you order something from us, you're getting your money’s worth and, most certainly, that you're getting a professional marketing tool.


Target Country

UK and EU Countries

File Types

CSV and Excel

Total Records



299 USD

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At Special Databases, we provide lists that ensure our clients ready access to thousands of UK / EU dentist fax numbers. We check our lists and double-check them, as well, because we know that accuracy is of the utmost importance to our clients. We pride ourselves in the quality of our lists. We're glad to be able to say that none of our clients ever waste their money when they purchase our UK/EU dentist fax lists, as our clients are always getting the latest information, checked for quality and can be sure that any direct marketing they're doing will reach the person intended and that they'll never have to research whether a number is correct for themselves, because we do it for them.