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"John Murray"

I continue to use the lists available here whenever I need them. I have never been unhappy with any of my orders and I believe the lists offered are beyond excellent.

Auto Wax

"Eddie Carn"

Whenever I make use of Special Databases, I continue to be amazed at the variety of lists and just how comprehensive they are.

LA Pharmacy

"Paul Cooper"

The lists that Special Databases has to offer are so comprehensive and so thorough. Since I have started using them, I have watched my business grow more and more.

Big Host

"Natasha Liz"

I have worked with other companies, but none of them stand a chance compared to Special Databases. My business requires that I have access to updated information as Special Databases does.

Travel Club

"Cindy Hanley"

I am not interested in saving money for a poor email list. This is especially true of my direct mail campaigns and that is why the only place I will ever go is Special Databases when I need business lists.

Mercury US

"Zack Dunning"

I continue to be quite happy with Special Databases and the lists that they provide. There is such a variety of niches that I can make use of and I like the fact that lists are available for so many companies.

- I cannot begin to state how helpful Special Databases truly is for anyone who needs business email lists. Not only do they provide the most outstanding services, but they also make sure all of the email lists are current and thorough. There is a large variety of business and industry niches for email lists here. In addition, Special Databases offers email lists for so many different countries. Truly, whatever you may need, you will find it here at Special Databases. The company delivers the lists so quickly and the lists themselves are so thorough. I am very happy with my purchase here.
Toyota - Keichi Kato

- Many people think that it is easy to get email and business lists, but that is certainly not true. In fact, in my own experience, I have found it quite hard to get accurate information. I have used other brokers in the past and I have always been disappointed in the outcome. I have spent so much money on lists that were inaccurate, out of date, or just plain false. When I purchased a list from Special Databases, I was pleasantly surprised. I received instant download options for my lists so that I did not have to wait and these lists are truly the best that are available.
Speedy - David Best