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154,000 Records - 2019 Email Lists

Have you been searching for up-to-date contact information for security, commodity brokers, and service industry executives? Special Databases can take care of that with our email marketing databases and lists. When you order an email marketing list from Special Databases, you will have instant access to the most accurate, current information on industry executives and decision makers so that you can begin using email marketing to grow your business and increase revenue!

Our goal is to provide businesses with the resources they need to see the best results from their marketing campaigns. We offer highly targeted and up-to-date email marketing lists so that our customers can enjoy the full benefit of being able to contact industry leaders directly to promote their products and services.

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Last Update

2019 Q1

Target Country

United States

Total Records

154,000 (Each record has "unique" email address!)


1,699 USD (One-time fee for entire database!)

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Rest assured that with a customized email marketing list rom Special Databases, you will be able to make direct contact with the most important people in your target industry so that you can grow your business or get your first few clients. No matter your business objectives, a comprehensive email marketing list is one of the greatest assets that you can have in your marketing arsenal. In order to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our lists, we have provided the most complete, accurate email marketing lists, and we update our lists regularly with a double-verify system that helps us determine which emails are active. We do not use outdated information in order to compile our list, but instead, we take pride in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our email lists through constant testing. We also offer email marketing lists for almost every industry, so you can find exactly what you need before you decide to order one of our comprehensive and complete email marketing lists for 2019. Our valuable lists can help you revitalize your marketing efforts and harness the true potential of your business!