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If your business requires you to be in regular contact with realtors and real estate agents, we have a comprehensive marketing list for you. You can be assured that our contact information is current, because we are constantly verifying in order to provide you with the most recent updates. You don’t want to waste time sorting through outdated, useless information, so we do that work for you. Our agent and realtor listings have been developed over time, to exacting specifications. You can narrow your search to find a local contact, or expand it to find realtors and agents across the United States, and even in Canada and the United Kingdom. We make target marketing easy and affordable. There is no bad information in our lists, and nothing outdated. You can be assured of finding the best possible contact in any sector. There are no blank fields in our lists, and you’ll find no duplication, just the best, most current information available to you all the time. We know that your time is important, and you don’t want to waste it on lists that won’t give you the results you need. You also don’t want to waste your money on generic information. Our lists are constantly changing so you always have the best information whenever you need it.

USA Real Estate Agent List

877,000 Records

The most complete Real Estate Agents List with Emails


2019 Updated, Fresh, New Records. US Realtor Email Database

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Canada Estate Agent Lists

25,600 Records

Canadian Realtors, Real Estate Broker Email Lists


2019 Updated, Fresh, New Records. Canada Realtor Email List

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UK Estate Agent Database

1,720 Records

UK Estate Agent Database with Email Addresses


2019 Fresh, New, Updated Records. UK Estate Agents Emails

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I am a realtor, and I spend quite a lot of time coaching other professionals, offering suggestions for increased success within their own businesses, as a way of augmenting my income when the real estate market is in a downturn. I found that when I was just trying to operate locally, there weren’t many opportunities, so I had to branch outward. With Special Databases, I was able to get in touch with brokers and agents in other states. I owe much of my success to the outstanding email list I was able to obtain from Special Databases.

Realty World"Bryan Dealon"

Over the past number of years, the economy has been in a really bad place. Realtors in particular have been feeling the pinch. With the list of real estate agents that I got from Special Databases, I found it considerably easier to get in touch with the people I needed to contact. The list was easy to use, comprehensive, and didn’t contain any of the “garbage” listings that are so common with some of the other lists I investigated. For my money, Special Databases provided just what I wanted at a very reasonable price.

Remax LA"Hilbert Tyson"

When I made the decision to sell my home, I wanted to make sure that I was doing business with an agent who was right for me. The real estate broker list I got from Special Databases was incredibly helpful. I was able to find local brokers and to contact them easily. I found an outstanding agent who got me a very good price for my home, and it was all so easy thanks to Special Databases.

Virtual Construction"Bridget James"

Our specialized lists provide a valuable resource for businesses of any size, and can be extremely helpful for entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. If you are just starting up and trying to locate your target market, Special Databases can be an incredibly useful tool when formulating your marketing strategy. Our listings of real estate agents and realtors are accurate and current, and very relevant, which is just what you need when you’re trying to crack a new market or infiltrate a tough one. With our lists, you can begin your email or direct marketing plan right away, and you can be assured of reaching the right people every time. We provide email contacts as well as phone numbers, web addresses and more. You want to act quickly, and not spend valuable time creating a marketing list that hasn’t already been tested and proven. Our database listings provide the most up-to-date information for realtors and agents in virtually any area you might wish to target. You can reach out locally, or nation-wide. You can even access listings for the United Kingdom and for Canada. If you have a service or a product that would be useful to real estate professionals in carrying out their business, you need to reach out and tell them about it. In today’s competitive economy, you don’t want to reach the wrong contact within a brokerage, annoy a potential client by contacting them at multiple email addresses, or send your materials to contacts that no longer exist. With our lists, there is no duplication and no bad information, just up-to-the-minute, sortable contact information for all the people you need to target by whatever method you choose.

A database of trusted real estate agents is priceless, whether you're in the US, UK or Canada. Special Databases provides the latest email databases of real estate agents and provides up to date, comprehensive contact information. Our real estate broker's list will provide you with the tool you need to contact real estate agents around the world whether you're developing a marketing campaign or simply desire a list of real estate agents for your business.


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I bought a list of real estate agents from Special Databases, and found it incredibly helpful. I can identify and contact my target group in record time. Marketing has become something I actually enjoy doing instead of being a tedious chore, and much of that is due to the amazing service provided by Special Databases. I am one very happy customer.