Proper Email Etiquette

Since the first modern email was sent out by an American programmer named Raymond Tomlinson in 1971, it has become the most common and popular form of electronic communication in the world. To get an idea of how prevalent email is, people send over 50 billion emails per day, which comes out to nearly 600,000 emails per second.

Email has an enormous impact on society, including the workplace and the business world in general. For instance, reading and composing email messages, can take up to a quarter of one's time at work. Considering how much time emails can take up, it is easy to see how a single poorly written or managed email can reduce one's productivity, cost someone their job, or even grind a business to a halt. In order to get the most benefits out of this ubiquitous technology, it is necessary to understand and follow certain standards of email etiquette.

Acceptable Subject Matter

Writing an Email

Common Courtesy

How to Send an Email

Professional Ethics

Email Safety Tips

Legal Pitfalls