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Selling products and services to health care professionals can be a lucrative business. But first, you’ll need accurate contact information to reach out to those professionals. It’s very difficult, however, to access accurate information for professionals who work in the healthcare field. You could spend hours collecting information from hospital and doctors’ office websites and the phone book, and still not have valid, up-to-date information. Special Databases has the answer. We offer thousands and thousands of contact information details and records for healthcare professionals, in our healthcare and medical email lists. Each record is 100% accurate, and updated whenever needed. This happens because we constantly spend time in verifying and updating our information. There are no duplicates or errors in our information. Our process includes double-verification of contact information, which ensures that you get the most updated contact details that are available. The healthcare and medical email lists that you purchase from us are the most accurate you will find. But that’s not all. They’re also the most comprehensive databases, allowing you to contact thousands of healthcare professionals all over the United States. You probably think that such a comprehensive list would be cost-prohibitive, but ours are not. Our lists are affordable, and give you all the information you’ll need, even if your marketing budget is limited. You may even find that you have the budget for more than one list, to increase the number of contacts you can make, in marketing your products and services. There are no better lists when it comes to price and quality of information.

List Name Total Records Price
Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons395,000999 USD
Dentists87,000899 USD
Canadian Physicians, Doctors43,000799 USD
Canadian Dentists11,400599 USD
UK Physician Doctor38,000999 USD
UK / EU Dentists20,000799 USD
International Health Services Email List17,500999 USD
Nurses34,400699 USD
Nurse Practitioners34,900799 USD
Physician Assistants9,200599 USD
Pharmacists14,900599 USD
Chiropractors14,000599 USD
Veterinarians13,300699 USD
Canadian Nurse Practitioners3,600399 USD
Canadian Veterinarians3,200499 USD
Canadian Chiropractors2,300399 USD
Canadian Pharmacists3,700399 USD
Manufacturing - Pharmaceutical Industry Executives71,000899 USD
Manufacturing - Medical, Electromedical, Dental, Ophthalmic Instrument Executives70,000849 USD
Wholesale Trade - Medical, Hospital, Scientific, Ophthalmic Goods Executives28,000699 USD
Wholesale Trade - Drugs, Proprietaries and Sundries Executives18,000699 USD
Retail Trade - Pharmacy, Drug stores and Proprietary Stores Executives14,000499 USD
Hospital Executives - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Executives199,0001,699 USD
Hospital Executives - Psychiatric Hospitals Executives8,300299 USD
Hospital Executives - Specialty hospitals (except psychiatric) Executives17,700699 USD
Medical Laboratories Executives16,800599 USD
Specialty Outpatient Clinics Executives10,700599 USD
Biotechnology Industry Executives39,000899 USD
Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities and Personal Care Executives28,000699 USD


I cannot express my gratitude enough to Special Databases. My business requires that I have nearly constant contact with local professionals in the healthcare field. With the healthcare professionals email database list I got from Special Databases, I can easily reach the medical professionals I need. I’ve contacted thousands of professionals in the healthcare field and my business is much more successful because of these contacts. I will be back for more lists when I eventually need them.

Perfect Marketing"Nuno Elmander"

I was trying to use lists from other sites, but they were generic and didn’t provide valid information. That’s why I contacted Special Databases the first time. With the lists I have found here, I access real contact information on doctors located across the United States. The information is so helpful to use. The doctor email list allows me to reach out to many medical professionals, more than I ever could have done in the past. Thanks to Special Databases, my business is booming and I have more contacts than ever before.

Nursing Professional"Bill Gilbert"

I needed contact information for dentists in my new area, as I had just relocated. My business was flat and I was so thankful to have found Special Databases. Thanks to their lists, I can get accurate and up to date contact information for thousands of dentists. This has made it much easier for me to contact dentists locally and offer them my products. I’ve never had success like this with any lists I used in the past. The information here is reliable and accurate, and I recommend Special Databases to everyone.

Medic CTR"Yong Lui"

If you want to expand your business, you’ll need access to only the best email database lists. Special Databases is the source of choice for many companies who need valid contact information in order to reach out to medical professionals. Our lists have better options than those of other companies. Not only that, our prices are also more affordable than those you’ll find with other companies, but we don’t sacrifice quality for cost-effective pricing. When you select any of our industry listings, you’ll discover that expanding your company is easier than you ever thought possible. It won’t take much energy at all to find the proper information and contact industry professionals to market your products and services. We offer you healthcare and medical databases that are comprehensive and accurate, and along with low prices, it’s a deal that no competitor can beat. Our records are as precise as any in the industry and we offer pharmaceutical industry lists, physician lists, biotechnology industry lists, hospital lists and dental lists. When you select our comprehensive and affordable lists, you’ll be on the way to marketing your company more effectively. Whether you are a pharmaceutical rep or run a business that sells medical equipment, you’ll find that doctors and hospital lists are invaluable. But not just any list will do the job. You must have a quality list. Our healthcare industry lists are updated constantly, checked for complete accuracy and then double verified, so you know your contacts are real, accurate and genuine. You won’t lack the contacts in the medical and healthcare fields that you need. This will be helpful in expanding your business and will also save you hours of work you might otherwise spend gathering contact information. You can use our lists to access many healthcare professionals, without wasting your own time collecting the information. Your marketing of your company is the most important responsibility you should be focusing on. Our customers work within budgets, and they need the highest quality in contact lists, so we work hard to offer the best medical email lists, at cost-effective prices. We value your time and we love repeat customers. Our healthcare and medical email database lists will not be outdone by any others on the market. Special Databases is your single best choice for the healthcare and medical contact information your company needs. Selecting lists from us will be an excellent way to give your company the best chance to grow.