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Jordan Business Email Database

1,280 Records - 2019 Email Lists

Our Jordan Business Email Database is designed to help you make direct contact with your targeted audience. Our comprehensive lists are available for a variety of businesses involved in all types of business transactions, commerce, products and services. Our database helps you remain data driven, focusing on a proven statistically-based marketing campaign. Designed to meet your exact specifications of your required target market, your purchased email list will help you increase your marketing exposure to generate additional sales and profits.

Having access to our Jordanian email marketing lists allows you to focus your email advertising campaign using our organized list of leads. Harvested from a variety of reliable, verifiable sources, we continually keep our business database up-to-date. You can instantly enhance your marketing potential by maximizing the returns on your advertising budget.

Available Data Fields

Available Data Fields

File type

Excel, CSV

Last Update

2019 Q1



Amount of Records

1,280 (All records include email addresses!)

Total Cost

299 USD (One-time fee for entire product!)

Our Jordanian-based email database will provide you with instant access to a complete list of contact information that puts your marketing campaign in view of verifiable, targeted businesses. Now, you can purchase a customizable list is targeted to a specific Jordanian interest. If you require only manufacturing companies, real estate businesses, a list of doctors, wholesale businesses or investors, we can develop the specific email list you need. Now there is no need to simply throw away your precious advertising and marketing dollars on consumers that are completely uninterested in what you offer or sell. You no longer need to receive minimal returns for your efforts because you are sending emails that are often just deleted without ever being read. Our quantitative, detail lists provide you assurance that the individuals receiving your marketing information are eagerly seeking exactly what your company provides. We validate all of our exclusive email addresses, and constantly scrub our lists to rid them of bad domains. Buying email lists from our reputable company can dramatically increase your sales and profits overnight, because your using effective marketing addresses. We offer significantly more information than just email addresses. Our targeted fresh, genuine email list is continually updated, compiled and delivered with the freshest email addresses available to date.