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Ireland Business Email Database

16,800 Records - 2019 Email Lists

Is it time to update your Ireland email database? An out of date database really can be a burden to an email campaign, as you have spent a lot of time crafting emails only to send them to old, dead addresses. Why not get a new, updated list from us at Special Databases today? We work hard to ensure that the lists you buy are as current as possible so that you get fresh new interest not dead ends. You can’t buy an email list that is better priced or more current anywhere on the Internet.

Can’t seem to find what you are looking for with other business email database sites? Not to worry, we at Special Databases offer custom lists created to suit your business needs. We also offer a variety of Ireland email database lists from those in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Dundalk and many more.

Available Data Fields

Available Data Fields

File type

Excel, CSV

Last Update

2019 Q1



Amount of Records

16,800 (All records include email addresses!)

Total Cost

599 USD (One-time fee for entire product!)

From email mailing lists from all around the world, to custom made lists, to your personal specifications and needs, Special Databases has it all. This is why we are ranked number one, and why we have so many satisfied customers. If you have tried other email marketing list companies, only to be burned by old outdated lists, then give us a try and see the difference. Our lists are updated with current information for 2012 and beyond, and we will continue to update so that you have the most accurate information available. Don’t waste time with cheap companies that offer age old contact information. Our prices are low but our quality is high. You can be taking advantage of marketing opportunities with our fresh information that is categorized and east to use. Companies and people come and go and life is forever changing and moving forward. This is why it is important to have new lists so that you can keep atop of all the new opportunities out there. You can order a quality company database through our easy to access website, or contact us through email or toll free phone should you have any questions that need answering. Give us a chance to prove to you just what a good company and a good email marketing list can do!