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Our international lists are comprehensive and they take it to a higher level of quality than any other vendors. When you buy a list from Special Databases, you’ll get accurate, current, thorough information. As a result, it will be easy for you to contact business leaders and decision makers all over the globe. There’s no better way to grow your business in a global economy! Because our lists are consistently verified and confirmed for their accuracy, you can proceed with the confidence that you will get through to the contacts that you need to reach out to. Combine that quality with our reasonable prices and you cannot find a better deal out there.

List NameTotal RecordsPrice
European Business Email List610,0002100 USD
International Health Services Email List17,500999 USD
International Importers Exporters Email List2,400499 USD
China Business List18,900699 USD
Hong Kong Business List10,100599 USD
Indonesia Business List5,670399 USD
Japan Business List41,600699 USD
Korea Business List4,560399 USD
Malaysia Business List12,000599 USD
Philippines Business List5,300499 USD
Singapore Business List27,400699 USD
Taiwan Business List11,100599 USD
Thailand Business List8,700499 USD
Argentina Business List5,550399 USD
Brazil Business List20,850599 USD
Colombia Business List2,030299 USD
Mexico Business List18,100599 USD
Peru Business List2,070299 USD
New Zealand Business List28,200699 USD
Austria Business List13,100599 USD
Belgium Business List37,900699 USD
Czech Republic Business List16,400599 USD
Denmark Business List28,000699 USD
Finland Business List18,300599 USD
France Business List96,750799 USD
Germany Business List90,800799 USD
Greece Business List5,530399 USD
Hungary Business List4,550399 USD
Ireland Business List20,800599 USD
Italy Business List49,400699 USD
Netherlands Business List36,200699 USD
Norway Business List23,700599 USD
Poland Business List11,330599 USD
Portugal Business List4,190399 USD
Spain Business List24,000599 USD
Sweden Business List31,750599 USD
Switzerland Business List23,600599 USD
Turkey Business List8,900499 USD
Israel Business List10,950599 USD
India Business List114,000899 USD
UAE Business List14,800599 USD
Jordan Business List1,550299 USD
Kuwait Business List4,350399 USD
Qatar Business List3,670399 USD
Saudi Arabia Business List5,920499 USD
Russia Business List9,840599 USD
South Africa Business List35,500699 USD


Unfortunately, I have tried to use other companies for my email lists. I’ve found that they tend to be inaccurate and extremely old and out of date. Refreshingly, Special Databases is different. With their email list, I connected to a number of business leaders and reached out to important people across my industry. All of the information in the list I bought was accurate and detailed.

Capital Investments"Jennifer Walters"

In order to grow my company, I created a plan to reach more managers in the United Kingdom. I knew that I needed to use Special Databases high quality lists to do so, and I was not disappointed. Their lists were thorough and targeted the industry leaders that were so important to my business growth. I made hundreds of new contacts, which expanded my business significantly. Special Databses lists are accurate, updated and comprehensive.

Praktiker"Adam Jackson"

Other companies claim to provide up to date lists with contact information, but my experience has shown those lists to be old and useless. In some cases it was even years old! That’s not the case at Special Databases, where every single email address on the list I purchased was real, unique and accurate. That helped me to reach out to numerous dentists and make the types of connections that enabled me to market and expand my network. Special Databases is definitely the way to go!

Motors Getaway"Harrison Tyler"

You don’t need to waste any more time scouring the Internet for the international email lists that will help your business grow. We constantly monitor the email lists we offer and keep them current and precise. We provide international email lists to help you focus in on your marketing campaign and keep your projects on budget. There’s no better way to expand your business affordably. You may find other email lists that are cheaper, but they will not be as accurate and up to date as those offered by Special Databases. It is our goal to help you avoid wasting any of your hard earned time or limited money. That’s why we work hard to avoid duplicate entries and outdated information. If you want to make sure that you avoid any fake information, simply save your time and don’t go elsewhere for your lists. Special Databases will strive to keep you on budget and help you work toward your goals by targeting your lists to the specific type of contacts that will have the highest likelihood of being receptive to your products and services. When you have trouble or need any questions answered, we offer responses within 24 hours so that you aren’t stuck in neutral for too long. Remember that Special Databases doesn’t just offer empty promises. We stand behind our guarantees and back them up with customer service of the highest quality, because we value your repeat business and want to help you grow.