Responsive email could boost click and open rates.

Responsive design – essential to email marketers?

As smartphones grow nearly ubiquitous, the ability to use them for virtually every task is increasing. No longer are these devices merely conduits through which to call your mom or boyfriend. Instead, they now enable owners to check their social networks, shop for gifts and check the weather.

It should come as no surprise, then, that mobile devices are treading on desktop computers' stronghold over email. In fact, recent research from YesMail found that nearly half of all emails are opened on mobile gadgets. With their smaller screens and lack of mouse, smartphones present a challenge for companies, requiring them to adopt new content strategies, - such as responsive email - for their email marketing lists.

What, precisely, is responsive email?                                                     
According to a recent article from The Next Web, responsive email is designed to boost engagement between businesses and customers through the use of questions, fluid layouts and images, and personalized copy, depending on the types of device being used by recipients. For example, the news source pointed out, while a firm may include numerous paragraphs of information and photos in an email meant to be opened on a computer, responsive design enables a much shorter message and call to action to be presented on a mobile device.

"While traditional emails generally feature fixed-width frameworks, multiple images and paragraphs of text, responsive emails adapt to the device viewport size and display content accordingly, often skipping elements like blocks of text to allow touchscreen users to read and respond calls to action quickly," The Next Web wrote. "Responsive techniques allow designers to hide, stack, expand/collapse or modify content to optimize content display in emails on smaller screens."

Additionally, responsive design incorporates more functional aspects, such as larger buttons to allow for easier clicks with the touch of a finger and content that works without image displays. 

Surpass other marketing channels                               
Email being already one of the top marketing mediums for companies and organizations as well as one of the most effective could surpass anything currently available if techniques such as responsive email were employed, Dan Smith, vice president of product at Outsell, told 1to1 Media.

While the strategy will require marketers to educate themselves on the ins and outs of a more complex marketing tool, it could spur higher opens, more clicks and greater revenue.

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