Event planners consider email to be the "workhorse tactic" of their marketing efforts.

Events industry sees utility of email marketing

The events industry is no novice when it comes to marketing. Professionals understand the importance of targeted email lists for reaching individuals and convincing them of the value of attending.

This was underscored by a recent report, "Digital Playbook," which outlines how digital marketing strategies such as business emails help event enterprises save money while furthering their strategic growth plans, BtoB Online reported. In fact, of 480 events organizers and marketers, more than two-thirds indicated that they maintain a digital strategy, attributing a greater share of their revenue to digital tactics than those who did said they do not utilize a digital plan.

"You can't cut your way to growth," David Rich, senior vice president of strategy and planning at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing (GPJ), said. "It's great to use digital to contain costs, but on top of that we have to ensure that we're using digital to reach more people, to stay connected and engage more deeply, to provoke people to speak positively and become advocates."

Furthermore, the success experienced by those who implemented a digital strategy has underscored the importance and utility of digital marketing channels. Approximately 56 percent of respondents said they are shifting from traditional, paper-based tactics to a more digital focus.

Email marketing, in particular, was pointed out in the survey for its "workhorse tactic." Around 70 percent of brand marketers and event organizers cited it as a top revenue generator, especially when used in combination with other channels.

For event marketers who invest in quality email databases, they may be able to make email work even harder for them, using a strategic, big-picture approach to ensure their event listings and information reach the correct respondents and sponsors to guarantee a successful event.

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