Creating email press releases are an art.

Don’t commit these faux pas when emailing press releases

A comprehensive email distribution list can help businesses and organizations reach new and existing customers to distribute different types of information. One of the most important types of communications firms send out may just be the press release.

The basics of a press release                            
Not all information is noteworthy and requiring – or even deserving – of being featured in a press release. However, if you're looking to notify consumers of a new product, service or company change, this could be the perfect venue as it gives customers a snapshot that can pique their interest to learn more.

The relative shortness of the communications medium can create added pressure for organizations to catch readers' attention and hold it. 

"In a job interview you have just a few seconds to make a first impression and it needs to be a great one," said Tyler Ragghianti of PR NewsChannel in a statement. "You get even less time with a press release. You have to hook a consumer, reporter or editor quickly otherwise the release gets tossed in the trash, deleted or ignored. It's as simple as that."

Common mistakes to avoid                                   
There are a million little ways organizations can commit a faux pas and render their press release less effective. Yet recent research from PR NewsChannel identified a number of the most commonly made mistakes in the business.

For one, oftentimes companies try to be everything to everyone, but this just isn't possible. You can't target anyone by attempting to appeal to everyone. Instead, organizations should find their audience niche and speak to them, according to PR NewsChannel.

Secondly, don't get fancy. Trying to get into the nitty gritty details of a complex product may be interesting to some, but for the majority of recipients it could end up looking like a bunch of jargon. Find your message and articulate it in a clear, straightfoward tone.

Business 2 Community adds that organizations will want to be wary of over advertising. While press releases are promotional by nature, they don't need to beg for business. Organizations should focus on providing information on their products or services and let that do the talking for them. This is much more likely to impress recipients and make them feel like business partners rather than walking, talking wallets.

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