Email lists can boost effectiveness of communications.

Email marketing lists attract engaged consumers

Marketing channels have a tendency to rise and fall quickly with the whim of the public. One medium, though, continues to prove itself to be a mainstay – email. However, a new study suggests there's room for improvement in the field and the tactics currently being leveraged. 

According to research from Kentico, high-quality email marketing lists are able to capture and retain respondents. In fact, 37 percent of respondents subscribe to 1-5 email lists, with 31 percent receiving messages from 6-10 lists and 14 percent fielding communications from 11-15 lists. Of those 31 percent on 6-10 email lists, 48 percent read 75 percent of the messages they receive from their lists. Furthermore, email lists are able to hold the attention of consumers longer than unsolicited messages, with 57 percent remaining on one for 1-3 years and 22 percent staying for 4-6 years.

There are a number of mistakes, however, that marketers should keep an eye on, as they could be the difference between messages being read and being marked as spam.

  • Timing is everything: The study reported that 38 percent of respondents will mark a message as spam if they are emailed too often.
  • Content is king: Presumably, you're emailing shoppers who would be interested in your products and services. This doesn't mean you can produce boring and unengaging contact. Do this, and risk being tossed.
  • Maintain professionalism: Make sure business emails don't contain simple errors and typos. Proofread to make sure you have the basics covered.

And don't forget to go mobile. The number of consumers – regardless of demographics – checking their email is growing, reaching nearly half of all users, a survey from Yesmail found. If you fail to optimize desktop messages, you could be doing so at your own risk, EcommerceBytes explained.

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