Use a trade show to test out automated emails and expand targeted lists.

Automate email contact lists for stronger leads

The power of a strong email distribution list in producing quality leads, signups and, eventually, even sales cannot be played up enough. Imagine it as similar to being a realtor and approaching a roomful of individuals actively looking to buy a house versus throwing business cards at everyone on the street. The first scenario is much more likely to be successful.

Creating the content that appeals to members of a targeted email list can be a time-consuming and effort intense project, however. As a result, many marketers are investigating how automation can help them ensure their business communications make the biggest impact possible.

Automation allows marketers to choose the correct messages      
One task automation can make easier is determining which messages are most effective with a particular audience, Business 2 Community explained. Marketers can send a series of targeted messages, and using analytics can determine which ones were the most effective by looking at click and open rates. Additionally, this can help them clear out any bounced emails and see which messages spurred the least amount of traffic to a website.

Furthermore, by seeing which users clicked, companies have a much stronger set of leads with which to continue on to the next step – sales calls, according to the source.

This is demonstrated in an article from Marketing Magazine that recounts how automation can be used by sales teams and marketers to prepare for trade shows. According to the source, many professionals fail to even alert clients and prospects to their attendance at such events.

However, an automated email blast can do this for marketers, as well as let them know who's been clicking and, thus, whom they may expect to see, according to the magazine..

"Send out an email blast to a list of prospects who live near the site of the trade show so that they know that your company will be in the area," the news source explained. "Position the email as a friendly reminder that you're stopping by, and include a note that you'd love to see them at the conference."

Sales teams and marketers can't leave it here, though. Trade shows are key places to add to targeted email lists or learn tactics to better win over individuals through first-time emails.

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