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Email newsletters key to real estate agents looking to sell properties.

Real estate agencies tout importance of targeted emails

Like firms in many industries, real estate agencies depend on attracting new customers and maintaining relationships with loyal ones to not only stay afloat but also reach higher levels of success. Part of this involves employing a marketing strategy, such as sending business emails, that’s convenient and engaging for individuals searching to expand their property holdings or simply purchase a new home.

Property Observer recently pointed out the importance of email newsletters to boosting relationships with consumers and communicating news, trends, upcoming events and listings. However, this medium is an ongoing communicative effort – often requiring much more work than traditional media.

For example, agents need to know the best days and times to send their email communications to reach shoppers. According to the news source, these days tend to be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with Saturday and Sunday generally registering low open and click rates.

“Tuesday has long been seen as one of the best days for email marketing to your database and that appears to be sound thinking, there’s lots of research to support this,” Property Observer explained. “With weekends a prime time to visit properties it also comes as no surprise that Fridays are popular – it’s common sense.”

Realtors would be well-advised to ensure their emails are also mobile-optimized. This not only allows potential clients to receive updates anywhere and even potentially swing by a showing on their way home from work, but recent research revealed mobile devices are the prime channel for reading emails.

Movable Ink’s “U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report: Q2 2013″ found that the largest consumer brands saw 62 percent of their marketing emails being opened via mobile devices, compared to 38 percent being read on traditional desktops.

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