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Multichannel marketing can help dentists spur success.

Dentists partner social media, business emails for success

Marketing and dental practices may not seem to have an obvious relationship, as many people believe dentists get new patients merely through word of mouth. However, multichannel marketing, including business email lists and social media, is enabling those who care for teeth to be more effective in reaching new and existing patients.

Spurring practice growth                                
Especially in an uncertain economy, maintaining current relationships with dental patients while concurrently seeking new connections is critical to practice success. A recent article in Dental Economics explained how marketing methods, such as social media and utilizing email marketing lists, can help dentists and their staff accomplish these goals.

For example, many practices are utilizing blogs and email communications to effectively share simple information about healthy habits and care, let patients know about changes to services and disseminate photos, videos and fun facts, the news source explained., This type of content can help dentists differentiate themselves from other local practices.

Dental Economics explained that these channels can additionally be leveraged to "promote new dental technology and cutting-edge products and services sold in your office, share in-depth information about specific treatments performed or promote community events."

Partnering with social media                   
Email distribution lists can also be used to promote dental practices' social media accounts on networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. While the first two sites may seem easy and obvious choices, the ways in which dentists can leverage Pinterest may not be so clear.

According to the news source, there are many ways that dentists can  use the pin-board, photo-sharing website to help current patients and appeal to new individuals.

"For example, your dental practice may pin items such as 'Top 5 Ways To Keep Teeth Healthy,' 'Teeth Whitening Techniques' or 'Foods You Can Eat While in Braces,'" Dental Economics wrote. "If they agree, using your patients' before-and-after dental photos can create valuable content on Pinterest."

These efforts can also be used to reach out to patients who have been relatively inactive. A recent article in Dentistry IQ encouraged practices to designate one staff member to be in charge of contacting patients who have not been seen in 18 months or more. Email can be one way to catch their attention or remind them that they haven't been by to have their teeth checked out in awhile.

Email lists for marketing can be used to unobtrusively reach out to patients and underscore the importance of dental hygiene.

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Psychiatrists are using online channels to connect with patients and their families.

Psychiatrists can use email marketing lists to promote blogs

Online technologies, such as business email marketing and social media, have opened up new avenues for physicians, psychiatrists and other care workers to stay in touch with patients and offer them helpful hints and information through an easy channel.

For example, Care for Your Mind is an online forum for individuals suffering from moods, their families and doctors to come together to discuss the status of mental health care and how changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act may affect them, Psychiatric News reported. The blog has already seen success, with nearly 5,550 total visitors – 1,500 of whom were directed to the site via external sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, the website is helping physicians and psychiatrists better aid their patients during a confusing transitional period in regard to access to insurance and the quickest methods to get coverage, the news source stated.

"I think that clinicians should go to the website for issues that are concerns for our patients," William Gilmer, a mood disorder specialist and associate professor of clinical psychology at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, told Psychiatric News. "It helps us, as clinicians, to become better advocates and to help our patients become better advocates for themselves during this transitional period of our healthcare system."

Psychiatrists can further their reach with such blogs by employing targeted email lists. While many patients will be able to find the online help they need through networks such as Facebook and Twitter, not everyone has a presence on these websites. Instead, a majority of individuals still rely on email accounts as their primary mode of online communication, making email a critical channel for physicians of all specialties to engage with.

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