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If you are looking for direct email contact information, you will find nothing better than our lists. We have, simply stated, the best, biggest, most complete direct email database anywhere, at any price. When you are sending out marketing materials, there is little point in directing them to generic addresses. You want to reach the right person at the right company, and since you don’t have time to waste, you want to be sure of getting it right the first time. We can provide you with thousands of email addresses that have been thoroughly verified and found to be up-to-date and reliable. We are constantly re-checking our contact information to be sure that it is current, and you will not find any bad emails or duplicates on our lists. You’ll be getting your information to top-level decision-makers in exactly the companies you need to target your marketing toward. Also, you will find no blank entries on any of our email lists. You’ll get not only thoroughly verified emails, you’ll find NAICS and SIC codes, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and URLs. You won’t be wasting time trying to determine the best contact at any given company, because we’ve already done the work for you. And when you use our lists, we’ll continue to do the necessary work, constantly verifying and checking to make sure the information you have is one hundred percent up-to-date.

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List Name Total Records Price
Chief Executive Officer - CEO95,400999 USD
Chief Financial Officer - CFO72,300999 USD
Chief Operating Officer - COO30,000599 USD
Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Technology Officer - CTO37,500599 USD
Chairman, Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, Chairmen of Department35,900599 USD
VP Marketing (Vice President of Marketing)37,600699 USD
VP of Sales Department (Vice President of Sales)19,100499 USD
VP Sales & Marketing (Vice President of Sales & Marketing)21,300599 USD
VP Operation (Vice President of Operations)23,200599 USD
VP Human Resources (Vice President of HR)13,300499 USD
VP Finance (Vice President of Financing)16,000399 USD
Executive (EVP) and Senior Vice President(SVP)49,400799 USD
Executive Directors60,400999 USD
Board of Directors5,760399 USD
General Managers (GM), Managing Directors (MD)108,0001,099 USD
Founders, Owners331,0001,799 USD
Presidents370,0001,899 USD
Finance Director, Manager52,000999 USD
Finance Director, Manager, Supervisor, Analyst, Staff461,0001,999 USD
Account Directors, Managers, Executives, VPs127,0001,449 USD
Account Directors, Managers, Executives, VPs, Staffs156,0001,599 USD
Accountant15,900499 USD
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)11,700499 USD
Administration Chief, VP, Director, Managers, Assistants, Secretaries, Staff384,0001,899 USD
Payroll Managers, Personnel Directors, Managers, Assistants, Staffs, VPs130,000899 USD
HR C-Level, Administrators, Coordinators, Directors, Managers197,0001,699 USD
HR C-Level, Administrators, Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Recruiters279,0001,799 USD
Sales Directors and Managers161,0001,599 USD
Sales Directors, Managers, Executives, Staffs, National / Regional Sales Managers412,0001,899 USD
Marketing Coordinator, Director, Manager, CMO147,0001,449 USD
Marketing Coordinator, Director, Manager, Staff, CMO292,0001,799 USD
Sales and Marketing Director, Manager97,000899 USD
Sales and Marketing Director, Manager, Executive, Staff140,000999 USD
Purchasing Director, Managers, Agents, Assistants, Staffs, Buyers, Senior Buyers94,000899 USD
Public Relations Directors, Managers (PR), Staffs19,500499 USD
Office Managers, Administrators, Supervisors45,000699 USD
R&D Managers, Analysts, Staffs (Research & Development)178,0001,699 USD
Engineering Directors, Managers, VPs22,200499 USD
Engineering Directors, Managers, Executives, Staffs, VPs223,000999 USD
Engineers, Chief Engineers, Senior Engineers94,000899 USD
Facilities Directors, Managers17,200499 USD
IT Coordinators, Directors, Managers237,0001,999 USD
IT Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Specialist, Executives, Security, Support Title528,0002,499 USD
Systems Administrators, Directors, Managers, Analyst, Engineers, Assistant, Staff71,000799 USD
Network Manager, Engineer, Analyst, Technician23,500599 USD
MIS Directors, Managers (Management Information System)11,400499 USD
Programmers, Programmer Analysts14,800499 USD
Software Developers, Engineers, Senior Engineers21,200599 USD
Maintenance Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Staffs14,000499 USD
Operation Director, Manager121,0001,399 USD
Operation Director, Manager, Supervisor, Staff521,0002,399 USD
Operations Product Manufacturing VP and Staff147,0001,449 USD
Project Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Leaders96,500899 USD
Quality Control and Assurance Directors, Managers (QC)21,300399 USD
Customer Service Managers, Directors10,100399 USD
Support Division (C-Level, Manager-Level, Director-Level, VP-Level)81,000999 USD
District Managers5,600399 USD
Safety Director, Managers8,190399 USD
Service Managers11,900399 USD
Branch Managers28,500599 USD
Plant Managers, Engineers28,100599 USD
Materials, Parts Managers3,140399 USD
Product Managers16,700499 USD
Business Managers, Senior Managers62,000999 USD
Business Analysts9,600399 USD
Insurance Agents, Brokers191,0001,699 USD
Architects21,300499 USD
Art Directors, Creative Directors11,300499 USD
Graphic Designers7,800399 USD
Web Project Managers, Web Developers, Webmasters (Company Level)12,700399 USD
Stockbrokers16,200499 USD
Attorneys70,4001,799 USD
Teachers, Principals296,0001,799 USD
Editors24,400499 USD
Pastors, Religious Leaders19,600499 USD
Superintendents15,900499 USD
Secretaries55,600999 USD
Consultants, Senior Consultants50,800999 USD
Mortgage Brokers, Loan Brokers Industry39,000599 USD
Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons451,000999 USD
Dentists94,300899 USD
Canadian Physicians, Doctors45,700799 USD
Canadian Dentists13,100599 USD
UK Physician Doctor41,700999 USD
UK / EU Dentists22,500799 USD
Nurses38,200699 USD
Nurse Practitioners38,600799 USD
Physician Assistants10,300599 USD
Pharmacists16,500599 USD
Chiropractors14,900599 USD
Veterinarians15,000699 USD
Canadian Nurse Practitioners3,780399 USD
Canadian Veterinarians4,520499 USD
Canadian Chiropractors2,860399 USD
Canadian Pharmacists4,000399 USD

If you have been looking for direct email lists, you have no doubt discovered that there are many to choose from. You have also probably observed that direct mailing lists are not all created equally. When you’re trying to grow your business through targeted marketing, you need to reach the right people the first time. Our lists are categorized two ways – by industry, and by title. In this way, you can easily find the list that you want for the purpose you have in mind. You may want to reach top-level executives in every company in every sector, or just those in your specific area of operation. Either way, you don’t want to spend valuable time following useless contacts. You need to be sure that the information you have is current and useful, and you don’t want to have to deal with duplicate entries. When you purchase a list from Special Databases, you can be assured that our dedicated staff has checked and re-checked each listing on a regular basis to ensure that it is accurate and current. There are a lot of companies that represent themselves as providing quality lists, but much of the time the lists are not updated regularly, if at all. There is little point in purchasing a list if it’s outdated practically before you even have a chance to use it. We guarantee that our listings will be unique, thorough, and current. If you want a list that can genuinely help you to grow your business by targeting the right people the first time, all the time, every time, then you should choose Special Databases. There is no better email contact database available, and we are confident that you’ll be more than happy with our affordable service.