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If you are looking for complete, accurate email lists for use in promoting your business, Special Databases is unquestionably the most reliable source for the information you need. This comprehensive email database contains contact information for high-level decision-makers and executives in thousands of companies. Our listings are checked and re-checked for accuracy, and you will find no duplicates or generic addresses. Every address is unique. We know that when you’re trying to expand your business, it’s important to make the right contacts the first time. We know that you need unique email addresses that are accurate, verified, and real. You won’t have to waste your valuable time on email addresses that have little value, because we’ve already done the quality checking for you. As a business owner, you know that time is money, and you don’t want to waste valuable time trying to chase contacts that aren’t one hundred percent accurate. Every Special Databases record is comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date, so you can be assured of reaching the right person the first time, every time.

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List Name Total Records Price
Veterinary Industry (Animal Hospital, Animal Specialties, Services Executives6,100399 USD
Metal and Coal Mining Industry Executives2,900299 USD
Oil and Gas Industry (Petroleum, Gas, Oil) Executives28,000699 USD
Construction - Building Construction, General Contractors & Builders Executives72,000999 USD
Construction - Heavy Construction, Except Building Contractors Executives26,000599 USD
Construction - Special Trade Contractors Executives93,0001,099 USD
Manufacturing - Food and Kindred Products Executives72,000799 USD
Manufacturing - Tobacco Products, Textile Mill Products Executives9,500499 USD
Manufacturing - Apparel, Finished Products from Fabrics Materials Executives12,900499 USD
Manufacturing - Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture Executives15,000499 USD
Manufacturing - Furniture and Fixtures Executives14,000599 USD
Manufacturing - Paper and Allied Products Executives39,000699 USD
Manufacturing - Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries Executives129,0001,599 USD
Manufacturing - Chemicals and Allied Products Executives135,0001,599 USD
Manufacturing - Pharmaceutical Industry Executives71,000899 USD
Manufacturing - Petroleum Refining and Related Industries Executives15,000599 USD
Manufacturing - Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products Executives43,000699 USD
Manufacturing - Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Executives18,000599 USD
Manufacturing - Primary Metal Industries Executives27,000599 USD
Manufacturing - Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery Eqpmnts Executives70,000859 USD
Manufacturing - Industrial, Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment176,0001,799 USD
Manufacturing - Electronic, Electrical Equipment & Components (Except Computer)128,000999 USD
Manufacturing - Transportation Equipments Executives72,000799 USD
Manufacturing - Automobile Industry, Motor Vehicles and Car Bodies Executives11,000499 USD
Manufacturing - Motors Vehicle Parts & Accessories Executives14,000499 USD
Manufacturing - Aircraft, Engines, Engine Parts, Equipments Executives31,000599 USD
Manufacturing - Ship Building, Boat Building and Repairing Executives4,500299 USD
Manufacturing - Medical, Electromedical, Dental, Ophthalmic Instrument Executives70,000849 USD
Manufacturing - Sporting and Athletic Goods Executives4,900299 USD
Manufacturing - Signs and Advertising Specialties Executives7,000399 USD
Transportation - Local, Suburban Transit & Interurbn Hgwy Passenger Transport15,000499 USD
Transportation - Motor Freight Transportation, Trucking and Warehousing Industry53,000699 USD
Transportation - Water Transportation, Freight, Ferries, Marinas Executives7,800499 USD
Freight Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Agents, Brokers, Shipping Executives14,000499 USD
Air Transportation Industry Executives23,000599 USD
Travel Agencies, Tour Operators Executives16,000499 USD
Communication - Telephone and Radiotelephone Communications Executives74,000799 USD
Communication - Television and Radio Broadcasting Stations Executives35,000999 USD
Communication - Cable and other Pay Television Services Executives14,000499 USD
Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services Executives77,000999 USD
Wholesale Trade - Automobiles & Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Supplies New/Old Parts16,000599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Furniture and Homefurnishings Executives9,600499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, Stone, Roofing, Siding Executives12,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Office and Photographic Equipments / Supplies Executives13,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Computers, Peripherals, and Software Executives27,000599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Medical, Hospital, Scientific, Ophthalmic Goods Executives28,000699 USD
Wholesale Trade - Metals Service Centers, Coal, Minerals and Ores Executives10,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Electrical Apparatus, Equipments, TV and Radio Executives32,000599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Electronic Parts, Equipments Executives24,000599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Plumbing, Hydronic Heating Supplies, Air Conditioning Executives11,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Construction, Mining, Farm, Garden Executives12,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Industrial Machinery, Equipments, Industrial Supplies Executive46,000699 USD
Wholesale Trade - Sporting and Recreation Goods Executives3,400299 USD
Wholesale Trade - Printing, Writing Paper, Stationery, Office Supplies Executives13,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Drugs, Proprietaries and Sundries Executives18,000599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Men's, Boy's, Women's, Children's Clothing, Footwear Executive List5,900399 USD
Wholesale Trade - Groceries, Frozen Goods, Meats, Vegetables Executives3,900599 USD
Wholesale Trade - Chemicals and Allied Products Executives10,000499 USD
Wholesale Trade - Petroleum Bulk Stations, Petroleum Wholesalers Executives10,000399 USD
Wholesale Trade - Beer, Ale, Wine and Distilled Beverages Executives5,900399 USD
Retail Trade - Building Materials, Hardware Stores Executives31,000899 USD
Retail Trade - General Merchandise, Department and Variety Stores Executives35,000599 USD
Retail Trade - Food Stores (Grocery, Supermarket, Meat, Fish etc.) Executives44,000699 USD
Retail Trade - Automobile Car Vehicle Dealers (New and Used) Executives76,000949 USD
Retail Trade - Clothing, Accessory, Wear, Shoe, Apparel Stores Executives29,000599 USD
Retail Trade - Furniture, Home Furnishing and Equipment Industry Executives99,0001,199 USD
Retail Trade - Computer, Software, Radio, TV, Electronic Stores Executives78,000849 USD
Retail Trade - Restaurants Owners, Managers etc. by (Mexican, Chinese etc)67,000899 USD
Retail Trade - Night Clubs, Bars, Lounge, Drinking Place, Liquor Stores Executive9,000299 USD
Retail Trade - Pharmacy, Drug stores and Proprietary Stores Executives14,000499 USD
Retail Trade - Jewelry Stores Executives948399 USD
Finance and Banking Industry Executives221,0001,799 USD
Nondepository Credit Institutions Industry Executives72,000849 USD
Security, Commodity Brokers, and Services Industry Executives154,0001,699 USD
Insurance Carriers Executives119,000999 USD
Hotels, Motels and Resorts Executives63,000699 USD
Campsites, Sporting and Recreational Camps, Trailer Parks Executives2,800299 USD
Beauty Shops, Barber, Hair Salons, Cosmetology, Hygiene Salons Executives7,700399 USD
Advertising, Marketing and Advertising Agencies Industry Executives57,000999 USD
Computer Programming, Prepackaged Software, Integrated Systems Design210,0001,999 USD
Automotive Repair, Services and Parking Executives28,000849 USD
Motion Pictures and Video Production Industry Executives19,000599 USD
Entertainers and Entertainment groups Executives5,000299 USD
Sports Clubs, managers, and promoters Executives9,400499 USD
Fitness Clubs, Health Clubs, Spa Centers, Wellness Centers Executives5,900399 USD
Golf services, Golf courses and professionals Executives8,600799 USD
Elemental and Secondary Schools - Public Executives495,0002,499 USD
Elemental and Secondary Schools - Private Executives18,000599 USD
High-Schools Executives List25,000699 USD
Colleges and Universities Executives1,000,0004,999 USD
Junior Colleges Executives139,000999 USD
Job Training and Related Services Executives15,000499 USD
Museums and Art Galleries Executives20,000499 USD
Religious Organizations (Churches, Temples, and Shrines) Executives50,000699 USD
Engineering Services Executives92,000949 USD
Architectural Services, Engineering Executives35,000599 USD
Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Executives98,0001,199 USD
Business Consulting Services Executives68,000799 USD
Hospital Executives - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Executives199,0001,699 USD
Hospital Executives - Psychiatric Hospitals Executives8,300299 USD
Hospital Executives - Specialty hospitals (except psychiatric) Executives17,700699 USD
Medical Laboratories Executives16,800599 USD
Specialty Outpatient Clinics Executives10,700599 USD
Biotechnology Industry Executives39,000899 USD
Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities and Personal Care Executives28,000699 USD

Operating a business is as much about finding new customers as it is about satisfying the ones you already have. Over the course of time, it’s inevitable that you will lose a few customers, so you want to always be pursuing new avenues in order to expand your client base. Before you begin contacting business leaders and decision-makers in order to grow your business, you should contact us. Special Databases eliminates time-wasting guesswork when it comes to target marketing. Our lists are sorted by industry and contact title, and are updated regularly so that you can be sure the information you have is always current. You can be sure that you are reaching high-level executives with the potential of becoming valued customers. In addition to email addresses, we also provide NAICS and SIC codes along with telephone numbers. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing is ever out-of-date. We are constantly checking, re-checking, and updating our databases to ensure that the information you extract from our marketing lists is genuinely relevant. We provide many email lists that contain information you can really use, and we’re confident that you won’t find another company that provides the same quality at the same level of affordability. Contact us before you begin contacting prospective customers – we can help you to expand your business in a way that is highly effective, time-saving, and very affordable. You won’t be wasting time pursuing bad leads, you’ll be assured of having the most current information always at your fingertips, and you’ll be getting the best available information at the very best price.