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China Business Email Database

13,900 Records - 2019 Email Lists

The business opportunities growing within China cannot be ignored. However, with so many new businesses growing, changing, and developing in this country, it can be difficult to impossible to keep an accurate email mailing list. Thanks to our China business email database, this will not longer be a problem for you. Special Databases has worked tirelessly to compile accurate China business email lists that our completely up to date for this year, and we are happy to provide this helpful information to your company.

Whether you are trying to locate every business, a particular business, or a group of businesses within a certain industry in China, our China business email database has you covered. Our easy to access and navigate platform enables you to find exactly what you need right when you need it.

Available Data Fields

Available Data Fields

File type

Excel, CSV

Last Update

2019 Q1



Amount of Records

13,900 (All records include email addresses!)

Total Cost

699 USD (One-time fee for entire product!)

The business opportunities in China cannot be ignored. Using a China email marketing list, you and your company can begin building professional relationships with the many businesses throughout China. Special Databases can provide you with a China business email database that contains everything from addresses to phone numbers to, of course, email addresses of the many businesses in China. This information allows businesses like yours to access and generate extremely lucrative sales leads that can boost your revenues. Our email marketing lists for China are available at extremely reasonable rates, and have the potential to provide great returns and profits for your business. You could try to compile a China email list yourself, but you would find yourself wasting hours upon hours of your valuable time and possible your payroll, without being able to generate a list as exhaustive as ours. The Special Database team has already put in the time to ensure that all of the information within our China email database is current and accurate for this year. At very little cost, and no hassle, to you, your business can begin benefiting from very important and valuable professional connections in the growing Chinese market.