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Canadian Business List

1.9 Million - 2019 B2B Lists

It is actually quite hard to find a dependable Canadian business database or even an undependable one for that matter. Finding an updated database that you can use may seem next to impossible. The good news is that you can find just what you need here at Special Databases. We offer a Canadian business database that is completely updated and current to 2019. When you need a business database that is up to date, high quality and affordable, you will find it here at Special Databases.


When you need to locate a Canadian business listing, then we can help you with the lists that you are in need of. We offer Canadian business lists that are top quality. In addition, these lists are affordable and 100% current.


Counts per State


CSV (Separated 13 CSV files)

Total Records

1.9 Million


699 USD (Includes All Canadian Provinces!)

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You will find that all of our listings in our Canadian business database are carefully checked and double checked so that they are completely up to date at all times. Right now, our database is up to date for 2019 and we will continue to make sure that our lists are up to date in this manner. How do we do this? We work on a continuous system that includes going through each listing, removing any out of date or incorrect information and then taking the time to fill in those old details with proper new details. We know what it takes for your business and marketing to be successful. You need access to information that is reliable. That is why we work so hard to offer business databases and email lists that can work for you. Our email lists are not just up to date, but they are also more comprehensive than any other list company you could find on the Internet. In addition to providing these business lists for Canada, we make sure to offer the databases you need for the rest of the world.