5 Tips to Increase Email List Response Rate

If you’ve done a lot of online marketing, your tests probably show that email marketing is consistently one of the best ways to connect with your audience. If you haven’t tested your email list stop reading and focus on that instead. If you are looking for a bounce in response rates or just starting your email marketing campaign, I’ve put together a few tips that can help you easily make an impact. 

1. Subject Lines
Make sure that your subject lines are concise and do not look spammy. There are many factors that influence how people perceive your email queries, but without a doubt, making subject lines that look computer generated or automated is a surefire way to get your email sent to the spam folder. Using “free” in any way is a huge flag. Don’t use CAPS either they scream “PLEASE DELETE ME”. Typos are a definite deal breaker in many cases, but sometimes it entices readers to open your email – just don’t make it a habit. Make sure to proofread. Try to describe your product in a few words or even incorporate a call to action up front in the subject line. The idea is to get the reader’s attention and make him or her want to read more about the product. When it comes to subject lines, less is almost always more. Shorter subjects are proven to yield better results. 

2. Personalization
Personalizing emails whenever possible is another way to ensure that your marketing emails are at least viewed. Sending an email “to whom it may concern” is a good way to get your email disregarded when you could tailor each email to the names and titles in your database. Also, personalizing the subject line could give you additional opens. You can normally use a command like “FNAME” to insert someone’s first name in a subject like this: “FNAME, it’s time to register for your next event!” which will personalize your email subject to say “James, it’s time to register for your next event!” 

3. Multiple Calls to Actions
The point of sending a message to your email list is to get results – whether that’s a click, a lead, a forward, or a purchase, you need to give your recipients a change to click on your call to action. Make sure that you include not just one, but multiple links to you specific call to action in your marketing emails. Linking several different sections of text or including linked images are great ways to increase response rate. In many cases, marketing emails are likely to just be skimmed, so making it as easy as possible for the reader to follow links is a proven method to increase response percentages.

4. Segment Your Email List 
Conventional wisdom in marketing is to “know your market.” Studies show that smaller, more focused campaigns (to a region, profession, or any other subset of your complete list) are far more effective than generic mass-mailings. In email marketing, this is called “segmentation”. If you are sending an email list to doctors you should test sending a specific email to known doctors on the list and a specific email to staff. Or if you sell ecommerce, you can send a discount code to people who have never purchased and a sale email to your current customers. Make sure that your messages are tailored to your target audience to maximize response.

5. Be Creative..again and again
Finally, one more important factor in ensuring maximum response is to be creative with your mailings. The vast majority of your potential leads are going to be too busy to open all of their emails or they will get so many that they just delete them. Keeping all these tips in mind and frequently rephrasing, reimagining, and revamping your campaigns is a great way to stay relevant in their inboxes and a great way to begin converting these potential leads into sales. It is especially important to stand out from your competitors and to make sure that when your leads think of your product, they associate it with your business. Being creative in your marketing is the best way to do so. 

Good luck and remember to test the tips above to increase the results from your email lists!

By Alec Wilcox

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