Businesses always look for ways to grow their email contact lists

Businesses always look for ways to grow their email contact lists

The science of email marketing has come along way since its conception at the beginning of the digital era, but one thing has remained the same: When it comes to contact lists, having access to more names in an email database increases marketers' chances for a successful campaign. While a lot of time and energy is devoted to crafting perfect subject lines and engaging newsletter content, there is no replacement for having an expansive set of email addresses flood customer inboxes.

Thankfully for marketers, a recent article from Josic provided a number of methods to turn a meager contact list into an abundant supply of receptive readers. For many strategists this means returning to the basics of email marketing. Far too many marketers fail to make their intent clear when they offer the opportunity for individuals to sign up for an email newsletter. Simply asking online readers to "sign up today" will not convince anyone to type in their contact information.

Exclusivity and clarity are essential for growing an email contact list
Email marketers can never be too transparent when it comes to giving consumers the information they need to make a decision. Because the customer has already expressed interest in a brand by exploring a site or social media page, strategists should feel confident in what they have to offer. Josic suggested that every blog post on a company website should offer a call-to-action for interested readers to sign up for newsletters and additional content. 

While some individuals will subscribe to an email chain out of genuine curiosity, many skeptical readers will want a better reason to provide a business with their email addresses. Business 2 Community urged businesses to create incentives that will make it difficult for visitors to resist signing up. Examples included free ebooks and reports, but the best incentives offer access to exclusive content that can only be viewed in a user inbox. Who needs to be emailed information that's already online to view at any time? Marketers providing exclusive email content are likely to see their contact lists expand rapidly.

The digital whims of the modern Internet user are impossible to predict. That is why Josic emphasized the importance of including opt-in boxes no matter where a reader clicks on a site. This will give readers the opportunity to subscribe whenever the feeling strikes. Smart marketers will also place the occasional pop-up box in longer articles and give first-time buyers the chance to subscribe after they make their initial purchase. Strategists will also take advantage of social media platforms to drive traffic back to company websites and let users opt-in from there.

The logistics of successfully managing an expanding contact list
Businesses that find their email database overflowing with names and information may have difficulties utilizing their resources effectively, according to Business 2 Community. Marketers need to specify the kind of data they require and find ways to sort new addresses using tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. Once this data has been sorted, companies should keep track of which recipients open emails, click back to the website and eventually make a purchase. 

Setting realistic goals is a big part of any successful business. That is why Business 2 Community urged email marketers to set list-building targets for their teams to pursue on a given time horizon. When the desired number is reached, companies should examine their data to determine which opt-in methods were more effective than others in driving site traffic and sales. This information will be key when launching the next campaign. 

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