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That’s It? What’s Missing From Your Welcome Email

“Welcome” says so much to your customers.

That’s It? What’s Missing From Your Welcome Email?

One of the biggest marketing mistakes businesses make is failing to send a welcome email to the people who subscribe to their electronic mailing list. One of the second biggest marketing mistakes is sending a crappy one. Forgive the language, but if your new email subscribers open your welcome email and think or say out loud “That’s it?”, you’ve just lost them to the unsubscribe button. Considering welcome emails increase customer loyalty by 33 percent, you can’t afford to miss anything when it comes to welcoming your customers to your email subscription list.

Common Courtesy Beyond the Opt-In

You are probably already sending one email to any new customer who subscribes to your email list, so it’s ridiculous to skip the courtesy of letting your customers know that you are thrilled that they want to hear from you regularly. If your email system is set up to send an opt-in subscription confirmation – you know, the ones with the links that the customers click to confirm they want to be added to your email list – including a welcome message is a no-brainer. Bada bing, bada boom, done! If you don’t send an opt-in confirmation email, send the welcome email anyway.

The reason why this extra step is necessary to your business is simple: Your customer opens a welcome email more than any other email, except order and shipping confirmation notifications. You know your customers are going to open those emails, but did you also know that 50 to 60 percent of customers open welcome emails? That’s pretty impressive, considering most marketing emails hit the cyber trash quickly without being opened at all.

Nope. The facts remind us of something that has been tried and true for centuries: Your customer wants to feel important and wanted, as if they are your ONLY customer, and you need to use good old-fashioned customer service and courtesy to ensure that they are feeling the love. Make it worth their while to opt-in to your email list and remain your customer, and do that by:

  1. Genuinely welcoming your customers to your business. Thank them, and make sure they know that you appreciate their interest in your business, and that you are excited that they have opted-in to receive news and information about your company.
  2. Review the benefits your customers will receive by being an email subscriber. If you aren’t offering additional perks, do so! Include coupons and click-throughs to your website so they can use them. Entice them to shop right way. Customers make purchases from welcome emails nine times more than other types of correspondence. Take advantage of that.
  3. Include links to a preferences page and your privacy policy. This gives your customers the opportunity to tell you more about themselves right away, so you know exactly how to approach them with your business services. It also assures them that you will keep their information confidential.
  4. Link to your social networking pages so your customers can “Like” you immediately and subscribe to your Tweets and Pinterest page. No matter what it is, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, make sure you’ve got the social networking links for your customers to click.
  5. Encourage your customers to add you to their address book so your emails don’t end up in the trash. Also, tell them how often you’ll be sending them an email, and give them the option to choose how often they want to hear from you, if possible.
  6. Include an unsubscribe link – it’s the law – and here’s the real tricky part, wrap all of this into a concise, graphically pleasant email and send it to your new subscribers as soon as humanly (or electronically) possible. I’m talking within 10 to 15 minutes of their subscription, no longer than an hour, and definitely no longer than 24 hours.

This is a lot to cram into one little email, and that may be why so many companies don’t actually send welcome emails. They’re missing out big time, and so will you if you avoid this crucial marketing step. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone who can. If you can do it yourself, do it, do it, do it! Why lose 33 percent more customer loyalty and nine times more sales just because you don’t want to let your customers know how important they really are. Come on! Your customers are the MOST important thing to you, so tell them that by welcoming them into your email subscription group appropriately. Spread the love! It’ll pay off.

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