How To Grow Your Business with Pinterest

Of all the social networking tools on the Web businesses can use , I think Pinterest is the most fascinating. Pinterest is a sharing website where you can build an interest in your business by “pinning” things to a virtual board. Pinterest boards allow for all sorts of media, including video and photos. Pinterest also allows those following your boards to “repin” your stuff elsewhere, increasing your business’s following with zero effort. Many businesses are wary of using Pinterest, as it is sometimes construed as too informal of a social media resource for professionals. Kick that thought out of your head, and let’s talk about how you can use Pinterest to grow your business.

Use Pinterest to Educate Your Followers

Because of its formatting and media capabilities, Pinterest is a great tool to educate your audience. People are taking an interest in your business if they’ve landed on your Pinterest board, so pin educational videos, posts, or other Pinterest boards to your board to give the viewer important information about who you are and what you do. For example, if you own a landscaping business, pinning gardening tips and the plant-life best suited for your area’s hardiness zone is a great way to show your followers that you have the best green thumb in the county. Build some “how to” boards, and tell your readers things about your business they would not know. Share other helpful pins from people in your industry. Show off a little without being arrogant; it’ll get you positive attention, rave reviews, and shared pins.

Sharing and Caring

Speaking of sharing pins, another important tool Pinterest allows for is sharing website content amongst followers. Much like re-tweeting in Twitter, people can link other people to your Web page and Pinterest boards by joining group boards and pinning your information there. This is beneficial to both parties, as you get more followers by default and so does the person pinning your information – kind of like a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” arrangement. The only downside to group boards is you do want to make certain the person pinning your company information is legitimate and qualified. If he or she is a teenager who has a Pinterest board on “how to throw the ultimate party without your parents finding out,” you’ve just lost a ton of credibility with your potential customers.

Use Pinterest to Get People on Your Web Page

According to social media expert Beth Hayden, more people end up on a company’s website from Pinterest, than from Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. This does not mean you shouldn’t utilize those social networking tools as well, you should, but you shouldn’t ignore the power of Pinterest in your overall marketing strategy either. If you create some swanky, informative boards, complete with photos and educational information to boot, people are going to repin them to their Pinterest boards and, voila! Instant marketing! Just add something worth repining and wait! Potential customers will click through to your website from the Pinterest board.

Build Interesting Boards

And this, my friends, is the key to growing your business by using Pinterest . You need to build boards that grab people’s attention, tell them something they didn’t know, and include photos and videos sure to go viral. The nice thing about Pinterest is you can get a little more personal with this social media tool without telling everyone your life story – something you never want to do in business. Using the landscaping example, hire a photographer to take amazing photos of your favorite projects; hire a videographer to tape you working. Get personal, without getting too personal. Give your followers imagery along with words to create an interesting board worth repining. Every time somebody repins your board, it is one more person putting your company name, website, and information out there. And, if that person has millions of followers, you just got millions of potential customers!

As you can see, Pinterest is a powerful social networking tool . Don’t make the mistake many other businesses are making by ignoring this unique website. Build boards that tell potential customers you know your stuff, and make them exciting enough that people will repin them to their boards. An old Faberge shampoo commercial comes to mind as I wrap up this blog post: “I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…”

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