Email Subject Lines That Will Get You Noticed

Email Subjects Lines That Will Get You Noticed

You’re competing for inbox space. Craft a subject line that will get you noticed in the clutter!

Email Subjects Lines That Will Get You Noticed

If you’ve read my last couple of posts, you’ve figured out that I’m on a mission to share with you all that I know about email marketing. Since this is such an important part of any business’ marketing plan, let’s keep rolling with it. You know firsthand how an email subject line can attract attention. If you’ve been the victim of spam, you know exactly how the subject line can attract the wrong kind of attention. I won’t go into any gory details, but we’ve all received the “enhancement” email. You obviously wouldn’t use that subject line for a business email, but you can’t use anything else that might result in your email being slam-dunked into the cyberspace circular file either. You’ve written the perfect marketing email, now write a subject line to entice your recipients to actually open and read it.

Get to the Point

Although I started out by saying that the “enhancement” email subject line isn’t the way to go, and it isn’t unless that’s what your business sells, it does one thing right. It lets the reader know exactly what the email is about. This should be rule number one when crafting the perfect email subject line. Don’t try to be mysterious to pique your reader’s curiosity. Get to the point so you aren’t wasting your reader’s time. The title of this blog post is a prime example of what I’m talking about. What is the blog post about exactly? Email subject lines that will get you noticed. You knew what I was going to discuss when you opened this up. Use this same approach when giving your marketing email its subject line. What are you marketing? Tell your reader right off the bat.

Keep it Concise Yet Specific

Keep the subject line concise while getting to your email’s point. There’s a misnomer out there that you need to craft the shortest subject lines possible to ensure a “Read” click, and that is neither the case nor what I mean by concise. Being brief isn’t going to guarantee that your email will be read over another one that you send with a 25-word subject line. A good rule of thumb is to keep the subject line short enough so that all of it will appear in the inbox – usually around 50 characters. Say everything you need to without having the tail end of your subject automatically replaced with ellipsis. Remember, you want to get your reader’s attention by being direct and informative. It’s much better to craft a subject line that says “French, Columbian, Ethiopian Gourmet Coffee Beans,” than it is to say “Gourmet Coffee Beans.” If you take the latter approach, your reader will probably think, “Yeah, and…?” and hit “Trash.”

See What I Did There?

You see what I did there? I just tempted any lover of the three roasts mentioned in the email’s subject line to open and read the email. If your marketing campaign reaches readers who can’t live without their morning cup of Ethiopian brew, you’ve just given them extra incentive to read what you have to say. So add that informative verbiage. And, while we’re talking about specifics, reel your customers in with an added bonus in the subject line sure to get a click. How about: “French, Columbian, Ethiopian Coffee–Free Shipping.” Okay, now you’ve given your potential customers two reasons to open your email. One, you sell their favorite brew; two, you’ll ship it for free.

Use Demographics

If you’re thinking, “Okay, fine. Got it! But how the heck do I know what kind of coffee my potential customer likes?!” you’ve got a good point so let’s address that. Use the same demographics to craft your subject line that you used to develop your email-marketing mailing list in the first place. In keeping with our coffee roasting company example, use additional demographics to entice your customers even further. Say only 25 percent of your list prefers dark-roasted Ethiopian, but 75 percent prefer it light roasted. Add that to the subject line! “Gourmet Coffee” isn’t going to get you anywhere, but “Light-Roast Ethiopian Beans–75 Percent of You Prefer It” just might.

Obviously, not all of you are owners of a gourmet coffee roasting company, and you may not have the exact demographics I’m using in my examples here, but you get my gist. When deciding on the perfect email subject lines to get your marketing email – and company – noticed, you need to be direct, concise, and speak directly to the reader opening your email. Otherwise, your readers just might score a two-pointer as they slam-dunk the correspondence into the trash. Oh, and one more thing: Always, always, always make sure your recipients have agreed to receive your emails and their contact/demographic information is correct. You don’t want to send a French roast email to “Janet” who’s actually “Janette” and a tea drinker! Now, put your thinking cap on and write some email subject lines – and emails – that will get your company noticed!


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