What to optimize in email marketing

What to optimize in email marketing

Email optimization is a much tossed-around term in marketing circles, and although it sounds technical, its principles are simple: In order to create lasting customers from your email contact list, your messages have to be as perfectly crafted as possible. 

However, complexities quickly enter the picture, because marketers have to take into consideration the wide variety of components that exist in any email – and then optimize them for the specific interests of their email marketing list and all its segments.

Getting back to basics can help simplify the task. As you navigate the difficulties of email optimization, keep in mind these key aspects of all emails and make sure they're on your checklist.

It would be hard to understate the importance of writing clean, memorable copy for your promotional messages. In a post for HubSpot, Sarah Goliger noted the importance of concise, powerful language.

"In an email send for an eBook about how to use Twitter for business, for instance, I began, 'The way we use Twitter is broken,'" she wrote.

Goliger also recommended writing short paragraphs and using bullet points to help readers take in your content quickly and easily.

Subject line and sender name
For Goliger, the key to a great subject line is that it speaks to your audience. In her own campaigns, she strives to speak in terms that reflect what her recipients value.

With this in mind, it's advisable to send an email with a different subject line to each segment of your email list. 

Most marketers probably think less about the sender name in their emails than they do about their subject lines. However, Goliger insisted that the "from" column in your contacts' inboxes should be a person's name – your head of marketing, for example – rather than the name of the organization. In her view, successful email campaigns are ones that mirror interactions between two people as closely as they can, rather than being sent en masse to consumers by a giant corporation.

While the graphics-savvy members of your marketing team may be able to churn out attractive email layouts by the dozens, creating designs that will look great for all users is more complex in the mobile age.

Failing to adapt messages for mobile operating systems is simply no longer an option, and for many marketers, optimizing email layout means choosing responsive design.

Marketing Land pointed out that responsively designed emails are efficient and easy to build, as they rely on a larger body of HTML coding and a single template to adapt layouts for all screen sizes.

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