Two tips for revitalizing your email marketing strategies

Two tips for revitalizing your email marketing strategies

If you're looking to boost your email-based promotional campaign with some added energy, these two email marketing tips can help you bring freshness and vitality to your strategy.

Get creative
Given the sheer number of promotional emails consumers receive daily, deploying strategies for setting yours apart from the crowd can be key. Luckily, marketing solutions providers are coming out with innovative strategies for achieving this end.

According to Adotas, DMI Music and Media Solutions recently announced the release of Engine 1 Music, a tool that allows you to embed music in your marketing emails. The platform includes a list of songs curated by the company specifically to meet the needs of marketers. Through a partnership with Trendline Interactive, Engine 1 Music also includes an analytics solution, so you can monitor how customers are responding to the music.

The benefit of this platform is that it offers new possibilities for reaching customers on an emotional level.

"We developed Engine 1 Music to help our clients establish a deep connection with their customers over a common love of music," remarked DMI Music's CEO Tena Clark, according to the news source. The new product will play songs on any platform customers use to read email, including smartphones.

If you've included mobile as part of your marketing strategy, you might also consider other ways email marketing can reach customers on their devices. Ongage recently announced that it had added an SMS texting feature to its email marketing platform. The tool can be used to send promotional messages to subscribers in your email database who opt in and provide you with their mobile phone numbers.

Embrace social
While social media hasn't replaced email as a marketing tool, you can harness the power and popularity of social networking to benefit your email-based campaigns. 

Business 2 Community recommended growing your email marketing list with messages on social media. You can use posts on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to link to your blog or news page and ask users to provide email addresses in order to subscribe to your content. Those addresses can then be added to your list of email marketing subscribers as well.

Furthermore, a new platform helps break down the barrier between email and social media. SocialBro recently released a email integration tool that mines the Twitter data of contacts on a company's email list. The solution uses the social site to provide marketers richer data about their contacts so that they can make strategic decisions in the deployment of their marketing emails.

"Using SocialBro, businesses will be able to see how contacts are connected, their level of influence, and when and how to reach each individual," the company said.

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