Top 2 email marketing tips to live by

Top 2 email marketing tips to live by

Businesses are using email lists for marketing purposes more often than ever before as the digital landscape evolves and becomes more integrated into day-to-day activities. However, companies cannot simply build an email database and hope for the best. Instead, decision-makers must be proactive to establish a targeted list that is reliable and will continue to be relevant in the long run.

The simple truth is that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to email marketing. This was highlighted in a recent Business 2 Community report, which noted that consumers will typically hold some organizations in higher esteem than others. In other words, there will inevitably be a multi-tier level for brands and being too aggressive may cause prospective customers to drop companies a few levels.

At the same time, there are some general email marketing tips that organizations can follow to build the most effective strategy for them.

Become the consumer
In many cases, organizations build a great divide between themselves and consumers. While this may be good practice for a broad range of business tasks, creating a chasm in marketing can be dangerous. Business 2 Community noted that decision-makers should assess whether they would feel comfortable receiving the amount or quality of content that is being produced by marketers. If not, initiatives should be adjusted.

Enterprises also need to evaluate the niches of their targeted email lists to determine whether contacting certain recipients is appropriate.

Build strong content
Engaging content is one of the most fundamental aspects of any marketing initiative, as failing to capture the audience's attention or awareness will result in less effective promotional campaigns. Experts often say that every email sent as part of a marketing project should have a call to action that enables prospective clients to immediately communicate with service representatives.

A Global Industry Analysts report revealed that companies have no intention of giving up on email marketing initiatives, as the market is forecast to generate nearly $17 billion in revenue by 2017. While establishing email mailing lists and databases can be an effective way to improve these types of marketing efforts, it is important that decision-makers recognize not all clients are created equal. As a result, enterprises need to take the time to develop customized initiatives that cater to the various needs of their specific customers, not necessarily the consumer landscape in general.

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