Three tips for taking email marketing success into your own hands

Three tips for taking email marketing success into your own hands

After you have your targeted email lists in hand, it's up to you to create effective, exciting marketing campaigns that will attract customers. These three email marketing tips can help you take control of your success and ensure that you're reaching your audience.

Measure your success
You can gauge how well your marketing efforts are going by staying on top of the data. According to Business 2 Community, there are four important numbers to keep track of, pertaining to how many recipients: 1) receive your message, 2) open the email, 3) use the link to visit your website, and 4) fill out the form or information request you provide them on your site. Monitoring these numbers over time will help you understand if you might need to change your tactics.

It might also help if you test how well your emails perform when you change factors that are under your control, such as the time of day you send the messages. Folio Magazine suggested splitting your email list into two groups, then sending the message to group A in the morning and group B in the afternoon. Monitor how those four numbers mentioned above compare between the two groups and repeat the test to see if a pattern emerges.

If you establish habits like these, you can see consistently how your marketing efforts are performing and think of new ways to improve them.

Write clean, compelling copy
It's key that your potential customers feel engaged by what they read in your emails, rather than turned off or bored. Business 2 Community recommended that your emails include a compelling offer described in simple, specific language that clearly indicates what the customer's next step is.

However, Dan Stewart, co-founder of email marketing company the Happy Grasshopper, recently told the Inman News that he believes a more personalized approach to email marketing works best. Stewart prefers emails to include calls to conversation rather than calls to action, and thinks these should avoid sounding too obviously like marketing.

"Make the message personal," Stewart recommended, "… and don't use templates. Write short messages and ask leading questions. This will greatly increase the number of replies you get."

Whatever your opinion on the effectiveness of calls to action, you can make your marketing campaigns more worthwhile by ensuring that they're well-written.

Consider analytics
If you want to increase the likelihood that your potential customers will be responsive to the emails you send, analytics – the discovery of meaningful patterns in data – can be a valuable tool. Pitch recently reported that analytics and permission-based marketing are being used more and more by businesses to help them better target the cost-effective marketing that can be done through email.

India-based travel site MakeMyTrip, for example, targets its marketing emails by sending promotions based on information gathered by looking at each recipient's most recent vacation destination and popular travel trends among the demographic. Naveen Bachwani, Head of Marketing Services at Experian, spoke about the benefits of this kind of targeted marketing, as quoted by the news source.

"The effectiveness of email marketing can only be altered for better once you have the right customer at the right time reading the right mail," Bachwani said. "Such precision based email marketing involves a lot of analytics."

If you've devoted a great amount of time and energy to your marketing campaigns without the success you hoped for, a richer data set might be the best next step toward better-targeted emails with improved performance.

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