Tailoring your email marketing campaigns to the current environment

Tailoring your email marketing campaigns to the current environment

With improvements in technology coming at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep up with developments and understand where your email marketing strategy fits into such a fluid landscape. These two tips can allow you to speak more effectively to the customers on your email contact list.

Create relationships
In an environment where social media platforms have become omnipresent, your customers may increasingly want to understand why the content they encounter in your emails is being shared with them.

In a recent post for ClickZ, Kara Trivunovic discussed the importance of emotion in email marketing messages.

"Email is a relationship channel and part of any good relationship is emotion," she wrote. "Every message you send should absolutely stay true to your brand, while remaining focused on your customer."

Trivunovic went on to point out the role of storytelling in email marketing. Messages that highlight your company's brand story can lend freshness to your content and increase customer engagement.

Part of the continued relevance of email as a marketing platform is due to how suited it is for exactly this purpose. Marketing Land recently suggested that money spent on improving email campaigns may have more payoff than investments in social media or search optimization, because email is by nature interpersonal.

"You're investing in the likelihood that someone who started a relationship with you (agreed to a first date) will continue (agree to a second date, and a third)," the news source wrote.

Embrace mobile
Smartphones and tablets are increasingly the primary method by which your customers are reading messages, with 52 percent of Americans reading at least some of their emails on a mobile device, according to Forbes.

Furthermore, a recent study by Yesmail Interactive revealed that 49 percent of all emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet, and 30 percent of consumers exclusively use mobile devices to read emails.

As such, it's key that you design your emails for mobile platforms. Practical Ecommerce suggested avoiding features like table layouts that are difficult to read on a smartphone. To the extent possible, you might also divide your email marketing list according to users of the primary mobile platforms, like Android and iOS, and design versions of each email that will look best on the different operating systems.

That said, consider prioritizing iOS, as the Yesmail survey showed that 82 percent of all emails read on mobile devices were opened using Apple's platform for its iPhones and iPads, while only 17 percent of mobile email opens occurred on the Android operating system.

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