Optimizing email marketing campaigns for recipients on the go

Optimizing email marketing campaigns for recipients on the go

Smartphones have changed how people interact with one another in many ways, and email remains one of the most powerful features on mobile devices today. Not only are individuals better able to communicate with one another for personal and business-related matters, but brands are seeing much more success with their email marketing campaigns now that people are more likely to open their inboxes anywhere and at any time. An email database is now more powerful than ever due to more responsive and available consumers. This trend has made it imperative for email marketers to make their campaigns more mobile-friendly, what are the best ways to go about doing this?

Short yet specific messages are best
Part of the appeal of checking email on mobile devices is that consumers can check their messages constantly and without delay. However, this presents a challenge for marketers, who need to create emails that are concise and to the point if they want to capture the attention of an easily distracted readership. PowerSports Business recently explained that keeping messages short is one of the best strategies that businesses can employ to make their emails stand out among lengthy newsletters and updates. Because mobile devices have much smaller screens than their desktop counterparts, recipients prefer when they can scroll once or twice and finish a message without getting bored. 

Calls-to-action are also main features of the best email marketing campaigns, especially ones that present a clear path for the reader to follow. On a mobile device, readers need to be compelled before they open up an Internet window and are led away from their inbox. A recent article from ClickZ also reminded marketing strategists that not all smartphones are created equal. The best calls-to-action work well across all of the major devices on the market and must have a large enough click box for people with touch-screen phones to easily press. This will require a bit more research on the part of marketers when they craft their campaigns but the results will be well worth it when they see conversion rates spike. 

Subject lines must adapt to mobile platforms
One of the most important elements of an email marketing campaign is engineering a subject line that will make recipients want to click instantly without a second thought. When using a mobile device, readers are much more likely to be distracted by the world around them, as well as the many applications and features of their smartphones. ClickZ urged companies to make their intentions clear from the start by making subject lines direct and brief, ensuring that recipients know what they're getting into before they click. Companies that give their subject lines an exclusive, exciting tone are more likely to get a better response from readers on the go, especially if the line is fewer than 60 characters. 

Optimizing email subject lines to coincide with seasons and holidays will also keep customers intrigued and make recipients feel that they need to act now so they don't miss an important update. Marketers should create a calendar to follow throughout the year so that they can prepare the best subject lines for a given occasion. ClickZ also recommended that marketers will see more success when they target their readership based on location and shopping history. Consumers appreciate when their favorite brands remind them that their preferred products are on sale or are about to see an update. Providing these inside tips can keep a buyer loyal to a company for years to come. 

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