Data can be leveraged to help drive email efficacy.

Optimize email databases with consumer-driven strategies

Email marketing lists have been helping businesses and organizations reach out to new customers and connect with existing ones for years now. While it may be tempting for experts to predict its replacement – and many have tried, pointing to social media – the marketing channel has proved not only resilient but a workhorse, producing results and driving revenue.

That being said, not all business emails are created equal. Some drive click- and open-rates higher, while others spur customer attrition as recipients abandon the email distribution list. So, in this atmosphere of uncertainty and high stakes, what strategies can marketers adopt?

Who are you sharing the inbox with?                       
New technologies have enabled advertisers and businesses to accumulate an increasing amount of data on existing customers and target markets, which allows them to segment and speak to specific groups' needs and desires. This has proven successful, yet a recent article from MediaPost asserted there is more data to be leveraged that could give firms a critical competitive edge.

According to the news source, marketers are now examining head-to-head engagement, which refers to how recipients behave when multiple promotional emails share the inbox. These don't have to be from direct competitors - marketers are focusing on anyone clamoring for shoppers' attention. These comparisons can help businesses discover what tactics work with consumers and which are more successful versus those used in other emails. MediaPost used the example of a "winback" campaign to demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy. 

"Just look at the winback messages your subscribers are getting, avoid the elements that aren't engaging them, include the ones that are, and hone your winback campaign from there," MediaPost explained. "By starting from a proven concept, you'll generate more revenue sooner, but you'll also learn things about your subscribers that can apply beyond the email channel." 

Be creative with how content is delivered                     
Just because marketers are using email to deliver messages, that doesn't mean those communications need to be solely in text. Images and videos are effective and increasingly popular ways to connect with consumers. 

In fact, a recent study by The Relevancy Group found that embedding video in email messages increased clickthrough rates by 55 percent and the amount of time subscribers spend reading an email by 44 percent, daze info reported.

To optimize email marketing lists, businesses and organizations may want to seek out experienced marketers and data specialists to take their content to the next level.

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