One great email newsletter can bring big results

One great email newsletter can bring big results

The world of online marketing takes into account factors such as contact list segmentation, social media integration, SPAM filters and many more. However, too many marketing strategists overlook the meat and potatoes of an effective campaign: the classic email newsletter. AllBusiness Experts recently explored the ways that well-crafted email newsletters can educate readers, spark their interest in upcoming products and drive sales to new heights.

Marketers enjoy the benefits of instantaneous feedback
Long gone are the days that marketers launched an email campaign and waited around to see if people were buying a product or not. AllBusiness Experts stated that data can help marketers master the art of the promotional email. Today's technology allows for strategists to track the number of people that open messages, click specific links, sign up for calls-to-action and make purchases. This information is then used to create a more effective marketing campaign the next time around.

Modern innovations have also made it easy for anyone to launch a killer marketing initiative with a substantial email distribution list. According to AllBusiness Experts, good newsletters require very little tech savvy, are generally cheap to create and can deliver huge returns on investment. For small business owners looking to expand their market, an email campaign is thus a no-brainer. 

Making the best newsletter possible
Most decision-makers know that email marketing is a key component to any successful business, but how can marketers be sure that email newsletters are reaching their full potential? A recent blog from Amsterdam Printing provided marketers with tips that help create memorable, powerful newsletters

First impressions are key when it comes to perfecting the email newsletter. A short and exciting subject line will encourage users to click, while a diverse range of images will help keep things interesting. Amsterdam Printing also stated that marketers must keep an urgent, personal tone to get their points across.  

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