Mobile platforms are ideal for email marketing campaigns

Mobile platforms are ideal for email marketing campaigns

Nearly everyone has the technology to check their email on the go. A large email contact list is still a big asset to marketers.  Whether through a tablet, smartphone or laptop, email is still one of the best ways for businesses to get in direct contact with customers. Mobile platforms represent an especially lucrative opportunity for companies with younger target audiences and other tech-savvy demographics. Many marketers have specifically optimized email campaigns to be read on smartphones and other mobile formats.

It is a no-brainer for business leaders to embrace the trend of email on mobile devices, but how can brands make their messages more appealing for people out and about? A recent article from Entrepreneur recommended ways that marketers can get the best results from mobile campaigns. Cultivating a sense of trust with subscribers ranked among the top tips for mobile marketing efforts. The first thing consumers see when they open their inboxes on a smartphone is the name of who sent the message, so social media and customer service are essential for building a quality relationship with email recipients. 

Short, clear messages win clicks
Including compelling headers and subject lines are also crucial for capturing the fleeting attention of a mobile reader. Entrepreneur suggested that marketers create concise, exciting subject lines that users will feel obligated to click on. By keeping headers short, marketing strategists can get a much better response from mobile recipients, especially ones that feature bold and humorous language. Smaller screens also mean that messages may not be seen in their entirety unless they are a certain length. 

According to Entrepreneur, the most effective email campaigns prominently feature explicit calls-to-action that give readers the chance to sign up for offers on the spot. On mobile platforms, these opt-in boxes should be even more visible and easy to use. Successful mobile emails also include images to split up text and provide a fun diversion from a newsletter. 

New apps find target markets via email
What better way to market a new app than through email marketing? Tech Cocktail recently highlighted the importance of using email to inform people about new mobile applications. By using data to trace the behaviors of the application's most active users, marketers were better able to reach like-minded audiences and drive the success of their app. Analyzing trends in user practices is not only applicable to the app market, but a critical tool in any email marketing effort. 

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