Mastering the art of the email landing page

Mastering the art of the email landing page

A compelling, attractive landing page is a key asset for email marketing. It can help convince potential customers to add their addresses to your email contact list, and it's also a vital tool for generating sales through promotional messages. If you're crafting a landing page for either purpose – to gain followers or convert contacts into revenue – these guiding principles can help you ensure you achieve the results you're looking for.

Go for clarity
Most marketers are well aware that concise, easy-to-understand content is key in email messages. Similarly, the design of your landing page should make it crystal clear how viewers can take advantage of what you're offering them.

This means that if your landing page is designed to attract subscribers, they should know exactly how to sign up.  This might seem an obvious principle, but Chris Hexton recently pointed out in a post for Marketing Land that there are many ways to ensure customers know how to get what you're offering. Hexton noted the example of Unbounce – a landing page conversion tool, as it turns out – who added to its own landing page a strategically placed arrow pointing toward the box where viewers can enter their email addresses, as well as a large, red button that users were sure not to miss when submitting their info.

Perfect your copy
The principle of clarity extends to your page's written content, too. In a post for Business 2 Community, Juan Pablo Castro noted the damaging effects of a landing page with inexpertly written copy.

"If your content (the actual words you use, the way they are arranged, the way they interact with your design elements) is confusing to your reader, chances are he will give up," Castro wrote.

A key aspect of clarity is specificity. Castro suggested marketers never offer consumers more than one promotion on a single landing page or in one email. He also noted the right length for content depends on what it's offering: A purchase constitutes more commitment than an email marketing list sign-up and thus requires more content.

Consider mobile
If you're already designing your emails to look good on smartphones and tablets, consider doing the same for your landing page.

A recent survey by Marketing Sherpa found that while 75 percent of firms integrate links to their websites into their emails, 58 percent aren't optimizing their email layouts for mobile screens. That means not enough marketers are responding to the mobile trend, and thus, designing mobile-ready emails and landing pages can be a great way to set your brand apart.

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