Boost email open and clickthrough rates with dynamic calls to action.

Improve business email efficacy with clear calls to action

What's the good of a targeted email list if no one clicks on your links or follows through? Many organizations may be tempted to blame low response rates on their email distribution lists, but more likely than not, it's their content strategy to blame. So, how do they right these wrongs to get recipients and clicking engaged?

State your purpose loudly and clearly                                          
When sending out an email, organizations will need to communicate exactly what they want recipients to do with the information provided in the communication. This requires crafting a single, clear call to action (CTA). FIrms may be tempted to overload their business emails with multiple messages, such as encouraging readers to look into creating an account, taking an advantage of a discount or purchasing a specific product. However, this may only serve to hide the most important message firms are trying to get across, Marketing Profs wrote.

"Avoid CTAs that state the obvious," explained Marketing Profs. "The internet has been around long enough even for the biggest technophobes to understand that they have to click on a hyperlink to make it work. In other words, don't use 'click here.'"

However, just because businesses need to avoid the obvious, this does not mean they can fail to address certain critical items. According to the news source, there are a number of key components that all CTAs should include, as well as a few questions they must answer, including what's expected of recipients, where a linked CTA will take them and why they should want to click in the first place. The key phrases Marketing Profs identified as needing to be part of CTAs are short and to the point, such as "contact us," "apply now," "sign up now" and "create an account."

Subject lines are an art                                                  
Before recipients can even get to the CTA, though, they must actually open the email, and a compelling subject line plays a major role in accomplishing this task.

According to research from Eloqua, top-performing emails include custom personalization, Business 2 Community reported. The study found that including the recipient's name and additional information, such as location, are winning strategies for boosting open rates. Additionally, crafting subject lines that target customers' interests, similar to how Amazon creates its daily deals, can help organizations forge connections with customers as well as boost open and click-through rates.

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