How video can get your email marketing campaign moving

How video can get your email marketing campaign moving

Text isn't the only kind of content that can prove highly effective in promotional emails. With platforms like Instagram and YouTube as popular as they are, our culture has become increasingly visual, and email marketers are learning how to adapt to that fact.

Video can be an excellent medium to include in the messages you send to your email marketing list, as it can provide a highly immersive experience when executed well.

Using Vine to reach your customers
Vine is an app via which users can take videos of an event and share them with their social network. It contains many of the features that are familiar from Instagram, including hashtags, likes and comments. The app also allows users to repost their videos to Facebook and Twitter, allowing them to reach a wider range of contacts.

Business 2 Community recently pointed out how well-suited Vine is for marketers' purposes. The Twitter-owned app only supports six second-videos, which can be highly memorable if well shot. Vines also load easily on mobile devices, the news source noted, so they are perfectly adapted to today's smartphone-centric landscape. Furthermore, six seconds is a very reasonable span of time to ask for your contacts' attention, so embedding or linking to Vine videos in your promotional emails may be a way to communicate your message visually to a higher volume of recipients.

Vines can also be an excellent method for eliciting an emotional response from potential customers and thereby involving them more in your brand and the promotion you're offering, Business 2 Community pointed out.

"Give your short clips a certain emotion to resonate with viewers of your brand. Tie in a response with your email marketing campaign," the news source wrote.

Other services tailor video to email marketers' needs
Vine remains a very viable and affordable option, but some firms are developing products that marry video and email in more marketing-specific ways.

Video marketing service provider Vidyard recently announced it had partnered with ExactTarget, adding streamlined video capabilities to the latter firm's email marketing platform. ExactTarget HubExchange now offers a Vidyard app that enables marketers to more easily link their email content with video. 

ExactTarget's vice president of platform and developer community, Ian Murdock, spoke about how the partnership hopes to provide a more engaging, interactive experience to marketers' email recipients.

"Together, our companies are working to transform digital marketing, provide ways to make email content increasingly compelling and create customer experiences that build loyalty and drive results," Murdock said.

The Vidyard app allows users of HubExchange to edit and draw upon their video library via a single platform. It also provides analytics so that marketers can track how their hybrid video-email efforts are performing: The service will tell users exactly which contacts watched their video and for what length of time, according to the firms.

Video as branding
One of the key virtues of visual media is that it can convey a message to consumers in a much shorter amount of time than words are often able. It can also show customers in your email database how your products work without laborious explanation.

According to Marketing Land, Boston-based retailer Yale Appliance recently had great success with a Vine-powered video showcase of six ceiling fans. The store linked the visual content with a written description of its four best products of the same type, which ended with a recommendation on which ceiling fan to buy. The retailer thereby characterized itself as a reliable source of information for consumers, the news source noted.

However, it's important to measure what kinds and lengths of video are most successful, as users might prefer the new 15-second Instagram video to Vine's shorter six seconds, EConsultancy pointed out.

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