How to properly time email marketing efforts

How to properly time email marketing efforts

Many factors play into the success or failure of an email marketing campaign, and timing is certainly one of them. Merely having an email contact list is not enough for businesses that want to optimize the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, and according to a recent report from iContact, creating a detailed timeline for when to send out promotional emails is one of the best ways to increase customer conversions and improve sales.

IContact emphasized the importance of sending emails to customers at a particular time of day to evoke the best response. When it comes to recipients who work 9 to 5, a midday email can receive the most exposure as employees are typically past their morning rush and transitioning into the afternoon. For a general audience, however, the 5 p.m. to 8‚Äč p.m. slot has been shown to be the most effective, as people get home and check emails one last time before shutting down the computer for the night.

While daily emails might seem like the best option to maximize visibility in customer inboxes, iContact reminded email marketers not to overdo it. Sending emails every day at the same time can become bothersome for many customers and can appear overly automated. Instead of sending a daily email, marketing specialists should try to limit their distribution to Tuesday through Thursday, which are considered to be the most productive days of the week. With too much work piled up from the weekend on Monday morning and a mad dash for the door on Friday afternoon, few inboxes will remain open for very long on these days. 

Marketers can't afford to anger customers
Although it may seem harmless to send promotional emails at any time of the week, mistiming distribution can result in bad news for a business trying to retain loyal customers. According to a recent KissMetrics infographic, both bounce rates and abuse reports tend to skyrocket on weekends and in the early mornings. However, these times were also shown to see increased click-through rates and open rates than other slots.

Where businesses tend to lose customers is by oversaturating customer inboxes with too many emails. KissMetrics found that between one and  four emails per month is the optimal range for companies to send out promotions. More than this and customers become more likely to ignore emails completely or even unsubscribe from a newsletter. 

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