How email marketers can weather rocky results

How email marketers can weather rocky results

Finding that your email campaigns haven't been yielding the return on investment you'd hoped for can be a disheartening experience. While the stakes of email marketing are too high for marketers to let that feeling overcome them for very long, the struggles of reaching their firms' email contact list in a way that produces results are certainly real.

The difficulties marketers face aren't bound by national borders, either. Biz Community reported that in the United Kingdom, marketing emails sent by small to medium-sized business have just a 54 percent rate of successful delivery. Meanwhile, open rates stood at 21.47 percent, but the average conversion rate was just 3 percent.

Marketers experiencing poor results like these in the UK, United States or any other country where email marketing is widespread have tools at their disposal to reintroduce some energy into their campaigns and hopefully get their numbers headed in the right direction.

Prioritize by customer value
Knowing how, when and what kinds of customers make the most valuable purchases based on your email campaigns can help you focus your marketing efforts so that they'll produce the highest possible ROI.

For instance, while it's uncommon for a customer visiting your website for the first time will make a purchase, that likelihood is much higher among visitors who are already familiar with your brand.

"When looking at conversions, the difference between a new visitor coming to your site and a returning visitor is insane. We typically see anywhere from a 500 percent to 1600 percent greater purchase value from returning visitors," noted Rob Walling, founder of email marketing startup Drip.

Drip is an analytics and campaign automation platform that can help marketers target returning customers, and there are numerous other software products on the market that provide the data you need to market more effectively.

Learn how to target mobile
The statistics on the mobile email trend continue to confirm its spread. A recent study by Movable Ink showed that 63 percent of email opens in the third quarter of 2013 happened on a smartphone or tablet, while desktop computers accounted for just 39 percent of opens.

While iOS email is much more popular than Android – 78.7 percent of smartphone opens happened on an iPhone – Movable Ink Vice President of Marketing Jordan Cohen thinks that's no reason to ignore the Google operating system.

"If almost one in 10 of your emails is being opened on an Android, I would certainly want to design for that platform and cater to your audience on that platform," Cohen told Digital Marketing News.

Indeed, faced with the difficulties of raising email ROI, marketers cannot afford to leave any stone unturned.

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