How doctors can create email marketing engagement

How doctors can create email marketing engagement

It's taken the health sector a while to to catch up other fields in terms of what technology it uses to keep in touch with patients, but that's now begun to change: Health care is going digital. The advent of electronic medical records, which have seen an impressive rate of adoption over the past year or two, is reshaping the way doctors and hospital administrators manage their facilities – and how they interact with patients.

Electronic health record technology gives doctors a wider set of tools by which they can market their services to patients. Many of the new software solutions have secure digital messaging built into their design, so it's easy to communicate with patients electronically about personal health matters or to send them messages of universal interest – a change in hours over the holidays, or a reminder about the importance of flu shots during the colder months. As such, your patient database can easily become an email marketing list.

Establish regular contact
Since many doctors still communicate primarily via phone calls and postal mail, your patients may not be used to receiving email from you. It's important that you get them comfortable before you use email to market to them. Be sure to establish email as a convenient way you can provide patients information relevant to their health.

Josic Media recently suggested that allowing patients to respond to your digital messages is a great way to foster trust and ultimately make marketing via email more effective.

"If you build a two-way communication with them, you'll get better results for your promotion," the source wrote.

Become an authority
When it comes to health care marketing, however, your patients' ability to contact you through email isn't the only component necessary to build trust. You'll also need to establish yourself as a reliable source of authoritative information about health-related issues.

Doctors can move toward this goal by linking their emails to a blog curated by themselves or their staff members. In a post for Business2Community, marketing and technology expert Zsolt Bicskey pointed out that blogs are essential for increasing the authoritative tone of marketing efforts, and doctors can promote blog content through a variety of channels.

"You can write a blog, share it through social media and even have it hosted on a broader health care website," Bicskey wrote.

Furthermore, Josic Media noted that physicians can use email to send patients relevant health tips and advice. 

The more engagement you create among your patients, the better results you can expect from your marketing efforts.

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