Email marketers craft new ways to quickly convert customers

Email marketers craft new ways to quickly convert customers

If there is one thing marketers have learned since the rise of the Internet, it's that email is one of the best ways to reach out to a customer base. Even decades after the first email was sent, marketing strategies have not changed drastically. Many businesses have chosen to keep the same tactics in place for years without an issue. However, according to Business2Community, there are a number of methods email marketers can use to optimize their efforts

For many email marketers, offering unique content for customers to enjoy in their inboxes is a way to gain support and make conversions. This is a broad category that can include anything from a guest blog to a free video series. Providing something that will engage customers' interests is often the best way to encourage brand loyalty. Instead of customers seeing promotional emails and quickly deleting them, sharing fun and interesting content will have people looking forward to receiving emails from a business. 

Related to the topic of original content is the rise of the free ebook as a way to keep customers excited about getting emails from a particular business. Not only will customers feel like they are receiving something more special and of higher value than a typical blog or slideshow, but they will also devote much more time and attention to an ebook, absorbing plenty of information about an industry or product. Writing a free ebook is a small investment for a marketing campaign that will make customers feel valued while providing them with lots of quality information. 

Always giving customers the option to opt-in
Smart email marketers never miss an opportunity to provide customers with the choice of signing up for a bulk email contact list. While opt-in email boxes typically appear in hard-to-find corners of a company webpage, Business2Community reminded strategists that it never hurts to always have the option available in every email. This will give customers a chance to sign up for different email chains, receiving new offers and instantly doubling the amount of exposure from your company.

Although they might appear bothersome, having a pop-in box in a newsletter can be a great way to convert customers on the spot, especially if the box pops up 30 to 40 seconds after the user first clicks onto the page. This will give the reader some time to read through some of the material and educate themselves on a product or service. Chances are high that if they are still reading the same page after 40 seconds that they have more than a passing interest in whatever a business has to offer. 

Webinars and SlideShares are two additional options that Business2Community advised email marketers to utilize in their newsletters. Webinars allow customers to gain a personal connection with a marketing representative as well as virtually meet with fellow brand enthusiasts from around the world. This can be an invaluable tool to create customer loyalty, especially when email marketing can seem so impersonal. SlideShare can also provide an interactive experience for customers that would rather not scroll through a long newsletter that looks the same throughout.

The classic format should not be overlooked
While gimmicks and tricks saturate email marketing discussions, strategists cannot underestimate the power of a well-crafted newsletter, according to a recent LifeHealthPro report. Contributor Josh Mellberg reminded marketing specialists that an effective newsletter will have a clearly identified readership, concise content and honest, poignant subject lines. Marketers should also actively promote their newsletters instead of letting them sit in customer inboxes. The new content should also be featured on company websites and offer plenty of links to other promotions. 

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