Businesses look to start 2014 with revamped email marketing campaigns

Businesses look to start 2014 with revamped email marketing campaigns

The new year is a time for fresh starts, and companies are taking the opportunity to evaluate their marketing strategies for the next twelve months. With the holiday rush already a distant memory of 2013, businesses want customers to stay interested as the year progresses. Now more than ever, strategists are looking for ways to attract subscribers to websites and grow their email contact lists, especially as they try to gain momentum through the of the first quarter of the year.   

How do businesses keep a hold on consumers' attention?
The holidays invariably bring lots of revenue to companies across industries, but what is the secret to getting those seasonal shoppers to return to stores once the lights are taken down? A Responsys blog post recently examined successful email marketing campaigns focused on offering exclusive material available only to subscribers. Kitchen supply chain Sur La Table drew aspiring chefs to its stores by offering cooking classes while charity : water gave subscribers a video overview of their year.

The common thread between these emails was that they were not explicitly promotion, instead serving to simply remind subscribers that their favorite brands are active and engaging at the beginning of the year. Some effective campaigns also take advantage of the residual excitement of the holidays. Responsys looked at a Barnes & Noble message that went out to individuals who received an e-reader for the holidays, offering additional software and accessories to new adopters looking to customize their gifts.

Marketers fear that the new year leads recipients to unsubscribe
Many customers vowing to cut down on clutter and distractions will unsubscribe from email message chains and leave marketers at a loss. A recent eConsultancy report revealed which kinds of services tend to be left behind around new years and which see a surge of new subscribers.

Social media networks had the highest subscription sign-up rates around new year's. 70 percent of new Facebook users signed up to receive email notifications. Entertainment sources such as Netflix also have an expansive email database serving those who want updates and news about their favorite shows and movies. Platforms such as Twitter play a large role in corporate communication and see high subscriber numbers as well. 

EConsultancy noted that services that don't keep their readerships up to date are more likely to get the boot, so email marketers should focus on consistency as the year moves forward.

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