Email marketing is still tops for reaching consumers.

Business email still tops the marketing list

Over the past few years, numerous new technologies and digital innovations have been introduced, purportedly to revolutionize the marketing sector. However, despite the growing use of social media, in terms of effectiveness and longevity, business emails have remained king. But why?

A recent article from Business 2 Community seeks to answer this question, offering a number of reasons why organizations and businesses that leverage targeted email lists to communicate with consumers are making a savvy decision.

For one, email has become nearly ubiquitous across demographics and regions, whereas Twitter, Facebook and other social networks can be considered more niche, the news source explained. Whether it's a business or personal address, everyone seems to have a location to which digital communications can be sent.

Additionally, email is a fairly low-cost marketing solution, making it easier for small businesses and nonprofits to leverage.

"When you think about how many people you can get onto your email list and only have to pay around $100 a month to send out a million messages, that is quite amazing and offers a very nice return on investment," Business 2 Community asserted.

Email marketing is also a channel built for crafting relationships. First, smart marketers will understand the importance of ensuring that recipients can opt out of receiving messages at anytime. This way, businesses can build goodwill among customers as well as ensure they are only sending communications to the top leads.

However, to ensure that their email messages are seeing the highest click-through rates, organizations will need to optimize their communications for mobile devices. A recent survey from YesMail found that approximately 48 percent of retail emails are opened on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

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