Brand email marketing messages to gain more clicks.

Boost email marketing list open rates by crafting a story

Email continues to be the digital channel of choice through which businesses of all sizes communicate with their customers. While savvy marketers know the first step to success is acquiring a targeted email distribution list, there are a number of factors in play that influence whether companies make the most of their business emails.

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Online messages are a critical channel for allowing consumers to stay informed and up-to-date with what is happening at a company. Be it special events, new developments or even surprise sales, businesses want to subtly persuade readers to learn more about or even purchase a specific item.

One of the key ways to accomplish this is through “clicks,” which occur when a recipient follows a link provided in an email that takes them to the company’s website or another targeted external location. Business​ 2 Community wrote, “Email marketers love clicks,” citing a survey by iContact that found clicks are the top metric used to determine a campaign’s overall success, as it can increase website traffic, produce leads from each visit and result in sales.

Make your recipients fans   
Another tactic often suggested to email marketers is to make sure their communications tell a story. According to ClickZ, this can even be done over time – just consider the example of clothing ecommerce site Bluefly, which used a multi-story arc to improve clicks.

To increase engagement, Bluefly produced a series called “The Traveling Handbag,” which asked for recipients to look through photos of fashion bloggers showing off the same bag and vote for their favorite one, thereby getting a chance to win the product for themselves, the news source explained.

“Because the galleries were rolled out over time, users had added incentive for making repeat visits to,” ClickZ wrote. “This approach also provided the brand with enough content and creative to justify multiple mailings.”

Consistency is key
Companies will also want to make sure their messaging is in the same tone across marketing platforms. They shouldn’t present a casual, fun tone on social media and then switch to a very dry, professional style for their email communications. This might not only confuse recipients, but it will also disrupt a business’ attempts at creating a unique identity that is easily recognizable for patrons and also helps the brand to stand out from their competitors.

By applying these strategies, firms can help make sure their email contact lists make the right impression.

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