Boost email marketing list efficacy with targeted subject lines

The channels through which companies and marketers can reach consumers are rapidly expanding. However, despite the current focus on social media tools, business email remains one of the more effective mediums through which companies can speak to customers and advocate for their products and services.

First impressions matter
As many email marketing tips will acknowledge, there are specific components of any online mailing strategy that will boost the chances of a company’s message being opened and acted upon.

In fact, a recent report from MailerMailer highlighted the importance of engaging subject lines and personalization. Personalization of email subject lines spurred an 8.8 percent increase in open rates over last year, while short subject lines also garnered high open and click rates, with those communicating special offers or time sensitivity found to be the most successful. These included words like “free,” “sale” and “coupon,” alongside “tonight,” “weekend” and “today.”

“Subject lines are not the means by which you will sell your product. Instead, a subject line’s purpose is to engage your customer,” Peter Geisheker explained in a piece for Business2Community. “You want them to become interested in what the rest of your email will say on the subject you present. Your subject line should not be too obvious in its goal or too obscure that it generates little to no interest.”

As the study’s figures demonstrate, it’s important to also create a sense of urgency in subject lines. This psychological trigger will help firms get more clicks by making consumers feel they have no choice but to read the message immediately or miss out.

However, if marketers are running into problems developing quick and catchy subject lines that appeal to their customers, they may want to revisit the messages and identify how they can be better tailored for consumers. This may involve taking a step back and conducting market research to answer who a firm’s main customers are, how to please them, how to attract new consumers and how they use their email inboxes.

“People go to their email’s inbox to get rid of things they do not need, and sort through their email leaving only what is either interesting or important,” Geisheker asserted. “If you give your subject line a monetary or emotional value … your email has a far greater chance of being kept as being important and read.”

By applying these tips, companies can help make their targeted email lists even more effective in spurring business.

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