Avoid over-regulating email communications.

Avoid getting lost in the process of creating business emails

Not all business emails are created equal. Depending on the talent and insight of marketers, as well as the sophistication of their email distribution lists, companies may either find success or watch their communications fall flat.

However, for firms just beginning to engage with the highly effective marketing medium or those that just can't seem to get their messaging right, there are a number of commonly made errors for which they should keep a look out.

Getting too lost in the process                
It's easy for marketers or businesses to get wrapped up in the process of writing the so-called perfect copy for email communications with consumers. There are numerous details, including subject lines, calls to action and general messaging, that can trip up any firm and have staff members laboring for days.

A recent article from MediaPost offered some remedies to help workers avoid these traps and navigate around problems. For example, the news source asserted that the continuous tweaking of subject lines isn't going to move operations to a new level of success. Instead, companies should focus on the foundational pieces of the message before playing with small linguistic items.

Furthermore, it seems that new trends are cropping up every week, promising to transform already successful email marketing lists into gold mines of data and sales. But MediaPost warned businesses to avoid getting swept up in the hype.

"Flavor-of-the-month issues like symbols in subject lines and Gmail Tabs can pull your attention away from the core activities that drive your success," the news source explained. "Stay focused on the work that keeps your doors open. Let others rush in and make the early responder mistakes. Then, act on what they have learned."

Over-regulation of communications
While it is helpful for businesses be consistent with their email messages, this doesn't mean that they must stick to the calendar without deviation. In fact, sending customers surprise emails can actually help boost open and click rates, as unexpected messaging can create an air of mystery.

However, this doesn't mean firms should completely turn their backs on normative practices. Business 2 Community explained that certain etiquette remains highly valued by recipients, including stating a clear purpose, brevity, short sentences, proper tones and perfect grammar. By starting with the basics, companies can build  foundations that serve customers and help them succeed.

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