The Best Email Marketing Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

Bloggers and the blogs they write can be a wonderful resource of information for business owners!

The Best Email Marketing Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

The best email marketing blog that you should start reading today is mine! Oh, wait. You are reading it! Well, I’m biased and mine is the best, but I’m also professional, so let me refer you to some other knowledgeable bloggers. You might be wondering why I’m doing this, and my reasoning is simple: My goal since the beginning of my blog has been to teach you all there is to know about email marketing, and these bloggers can help you out to!

Special Databases

Of course I want you reading my blog and the other contributors’ blog posts on our Special Databases website blog first. The reason why we are the best is two-fold. One, we are all experts in what we do and what we blog about. Two, we’re experts in email marketing and we have the email address databases for your business to prove it! You see, we can tell you how to design the perfect email marketing campaign and then give you the email addresses to send it to!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has a marketing blog that covers email and many other facets of your business marketing needs just as the Special Databases blog does. Constant Contact’s posts are informative, fun, and provide a good read for any business owner looking to extend his or her social networking marketing reach knowledge. Constant Contact has been in business since 1998, and its blog is one that is definitely worth checking out.

Duct Tape Marketing

Written by marketing expert John Jantsch, as well as several guest bloggers, Duct Tape Marketing’s blog is another must-read, especially for small business owners. Duct Tape Marketing’s posts cover a variety of small business and marketing solutions, including business start-up topics and email marketing tips. This informative blog has a wide variety of posts covering numerous topics, so readers never tire of what the Duct Tape Marketing bloggers have to say.

Email Institute

Email Institute’s mission is to teach email marketers the best practices in the business. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, email marketing is regulated by the federal government. The Email Institute blog covers all there is to learn about email marketing the right way, and the best practices your business can put into place with your email marketing campaign. If you have a question about the appropriateness of your email campaign practices, you’ll probably find your answer in this blog.

Email Marketing Rules

Another email marketing blog dedicated to conducting email marketing campaigns the right way is the Email Marketing Rules blog. Written by Chad White, Email Marketing Rules gets down to the nitty-gritty of email marketing, including informative blog posts about birthday marketing campaigns and how to grow your email audience. White’s approach provides informative and easy-to-read content, making this email blog worth your time.


The Litmus blog takes a more technical approach to email marketing and often gives readers tips on the importance of email marketing testing and tracking marketing results. The Litmus team is dedicated to full-proof email marketing techniques confirmed by testing first. Reading this blog is a must for any small business owner, because it provides some comprehensive information about the technical part of email marketing, including HTML programming and campaign results.

Vertical Response

Dedicated to helping small businesses everywhere, the Vertical Response VR Marketing blog is another all-encompassing read. Bloggers for Vertical Response discuss everything you need to know about business, including email marketing. Other blog topics include business social networking, small business management tips, and even some interview tips for job seekers out there. Add the VR Marketing blog to your reading repertoire for an all-around business education experience.

Special Databases

Okay, I’m just messing with you! Yes, I put our blog first on the list, but I’m going to mention it again because our blog, too, covers a wide variety of business topics designed to aid in your business marketing needs. Our experts know their stuff and, hey, our blog posts are a lot of fun because we’re a lot fun. I encourage reading the blogs I’ve mentioned in this blog post, but I also encourage staying on top of our posts as well. If we don’t cover a topic you need, give us a shout! We’ll see what we can do. And, don’t forget to contact us for your emailing list needs. We’ve got the emails lists that you need to expand your business customer base!


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