7 Things That Make Your Business Look Bad on Twitter

Don’t over-tweet your followers!

A few posts back, I discussed 15 Things That Make Your Business Look Bad on LinkedIn . Twitter is another social media tool you should take advantage of to market your business, but beware! You can make yourself look bad on it, too. Social media has the capability to shoot your business into the stratosphere if you use it correctly. Because it began as a “social” tool for personal networking, however, it might be tempting to shed the professionalism when using Twitter, or any other social networking site for that matter. Don’t! Make certain your business looks good on Twitter.

Don’t Tweet Junk

For the love of all humankind, don’t sit at your laptop or mobile phone and tweet everybody that you’re sitting on your couch watching the latest episode of… who cares?! One mistake everyone in my opinion, not just businesses, makes is tweeting random junk that doesn’t really matter. I don’t care if you’re sitting on your couch watching TV, and neither will your potential customers. Make it count when you tweet. Provide important information about your business that your followers can sink their teeth into and retweet to others .

Don’t Overdo it Either

Although you should avoid tweeting junk and stick to informative, useful, and helpful tweets, don’t be a know-it-all or tweet too much , either. You know your business, and that is where you should focus your tweets. Sure, you probably have some intelligent things to say about stuff outside of your business, and that is fine in the appropriate context. But if you begin to tweet about everything as if you’re an expert in everything, your followers are going to drop you like a hot potato. After all, none of us knows it all.

Don’t Tweet Your Problems

I did what I’m about to tell you not to do when I talked about tweeting junk, but man do I hate useless tweets… I did it again! Don’t use Twitter as your therapist and vent. That’s not what it’s there for. Sure, many people tweet about current events and have some pretty fiery things to say about them, but that’s only appropriate in certain circumstances. Twitter is not a good place to complain about anything, especially your business. Even if you’re upset because you own a transportation company and gas prices are killing you, you’re going to turn off a lot of people if you tweet complaining about it. Tweet solutions instead, and engage your followers to get them involved.


See how annoying that subhead was? This really should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people still, after all this time, type with their CAPS LOCK on. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years – and if you have, you’re about to learn something new–CAPS LOCK means yelling or screaming in online etiquette , and you should never use all caps, especially when you’re tweeting. Keep in mind that while you are trying to draw attention to your business via your tweets, you don’t want to draw the wrong attention. Don’t “yell,” even if it’s to express excitement or add emphasis to certain words in your tweet. Somebody will take it wrong.

Don’t Market Incessantly

Aside from yelling, your followers will also get annoyed if all of your tweets are marketing ones. Yes, Twitter is a great avenue to get the word out about specials and promotions your business is offering, but you need to think about “spamming” when you’re tweeting, too. Your followers want more than just marketing mumbo-jumbo; they’re following you to hear what you have to say. Yes, use Twitter as a marketing tool , but use it wisely. If you have a bunch of product to offload, use the marketing demographics to target your proper audience, and tweet about it to the right people at the right time. You shouldn’t tweet about the 100 Boston Red Sox Jerseys you have on sale to a bunch of New York Yankee fans… or should you?! [Wink, wink!]

Don’t Just Follow

Be a leader in tweeting and not a follower. Don’t randomly follow a bazillion people to try to get them to follow you. Again, think marketing demographics, which are the same online as they are offline. You are better suited to get involved and network with the peeps who are in your business, interested in your business, interested in hearing what you have to say, and have interesting things to say to you, rather than just follow, follow, follow. It’s useless to attempt to get a bazillion followers by following a bazillion tweeters if you have nothing in common. Numbers are not the name of the game here; networking strategically is.

Don’t Twitter Stalk

Part of what happens if you follow a ton of people just to try to get more people to follow you is you lose interest and you stop following them. Then, you realize that you don’t have a lot of followers, so you start following them again. Then you lost interest, and you stop following them… yeah. You’re a Twitter STALKER! Oops, sorry, yelling there. Constantly following and unfollowing someone is, one, annoying, and, two, might get you reported as an abuser. You need to connect with people who really have an interest in your business and stick with them. Again, it’s not about how many followers you have; it’s about the importance of those followers to your business.

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